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Discussion in 'Politics' started by CoinBlazer, Nov 14, 2019.

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    CNN-"If this is not impeachable conduct, what is?" House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, asked, arguing that the republic's values and the concept of an accountable presidency were at stake for future generations.


    FOX-After reviewing the circumstances of Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas, asked the witnesses to state what impeachable offense Trump committed with the call. He did not get an answer.

    "“In this impeachment hearing today, where we impeach presidents for treason or bribery or other high crimes, where was the impeachable offense in that call? Are either of you here today to assert that there was an impeachable offense in that call? Shout it out. Anyone?”
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    It is a high crime and misdemeanor to use your office for political gain in this country. It always has been, this is nothing new. If you sell tickets to people to visit the Oval Office and pocket the money, that is using your office for personal profit is it? Of course it is. That is a pretty straight forward example of corrupt political practices. Trump is basically being accused of doing the same thing except that you have to replace the Oval Office tour with military aid and then replace the the tickets with a politically motivated investigation as an admission fee.

    I think the thing that really makes me sick about the whole thing even more than the illegality of the whole process is the the way Trump is treating a strategic ally. Imagine being a country at war with a very large neighbor that has already invaded your country and taken land the size of Texas and has killed over 16 thousand of your citizens in the last 4 years. As you reach out to the west and try to establish your fledgling democracy, you are met with a bully like Trump that isn't interested in promoting your dreams of a democratic country but instead drags you into a huge political mess that would make any country rethink the entire idea of a western-style democracy. I am continually embarrassed by this neophyte supposed leader thrashing around the world with no foreign policy experience and no clue about international relations. This is yet one more international embarrassment at the hands of this idiot.

    I have a better question for Fox. Tell me exactly what Hunter and/or Joe Biden are being accused of specifically. I've yet to hear anything other than it "seemed suspicious".
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    Virtually every incumbent president has used their office for political gain. Why do you think that it has been so hard to unseat incumbent presidents through out history? The incumbent has huge control over the political jobs, spending and presidential favors. About the only thing that can knock out a sitting, elected president in a primary or general election is a recession or depression.

    Lyndon Johnson got knocked out in 1968, but he still had control of the Democrat Convention which handed the nomination to Humphrey. Jimmie Carter “whipped Ted Kennedy’s ass” in the primaries in 1980 despite Kennedy’s family ties and Carter’s sinking poll numbers.

    All of this is a manufactured crisis by a bunch of far left Democrats who don’t have a decent candidate to run. Their hope is to create negative news for Trump. Maybe it will work, but it could backfire too. It will get really silly if Schiff invents something else so close to the election. I am sure that he has a list in his back pocket of fictional high crimes and misdemeanors, but I am not sure how much good it will him.

    In the meantime we have the “do nothing” Democrat Congress, which is an another issue.
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  4. CoinBlazer

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    I am suspicious that Hunter Biden and Barisma may have used political connections regarding the Vice President to the Obama Administration for gains. I will be studying this claim I have just proposed and will provide this forum with evidence of said corruption, if said evidence does exist.
  5. JoeNation

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    If every president did use their office for political gain, they were smart enough not to get caught, so your claim that everybody does it is worthless. There certainly are inherent political advantages to being the incumbent without a doubt but that is hardly the same thing as bribing a foreign leader for dirt on your political opponents. Trump being stupid enough to do it so openly cannot be simply ignored or we are abdicating the rule of law as well as the Constitution. I won't do that to save Trump's stupid ass. You might be willing to but that is your problem.

    Manufacturing corruption is what the GOP has done routinely and is exactly what they are trying to do to the Bidens. There isn't an iota of evidence that that implicates either Hunter or Joe Biden in any corruption. But there is the investigation the GOP is demanding. There is a mountain of evidence that demonstrates Trump's complicity in this Ukraine bribery scandal. But make no mistake, I admire the way you excuse open corruption as just the business of politics and get passionate about fictional corruption when it benefits your preferred political party. When Hillary Clinton or some other Democrats is in office, well then it is time for pitchforks and torches, 9 investigations, hours of congressional testimony, witnesses all lined up, and still no evidence of any wrong doing right? Ah the hypocrisy of the GOP is boundless.
  6. JoeNation

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    According to who? This conspiracy theory about Biden and Burisma came stright out of a right-wing think tank for one reason, to smear the Bidens the way the GOP smears everyone.
  7. Mopar Dude

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    In all fairness..... Smearing of ones opponent is not a uniquely GOP tactic by a longshot. And frankly, smearing of ones opponent personally disgusts me. My first rule to a newly employed salesman is to never, every smear the competition. Doing so darkens your own reputation. Not theirs. Political smearing has been freely practiced by all political persuasions since the advent of the ballot box. It is petty regardless who practices it.
  8. CoinBlazer

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    You are absolutely right, it is a conspiracy theory until proven other wise.
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    Since you have zero interest in finding about why Hunter Biden was paid millions, you opinions are not worth anything. When you show some minor level of objectivity, you might bring something worthwhile to the discussion.

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