A Button from the 1960 presidential campaign that might gain traction today

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    Supporters of Richard Nixon issued this classic button for the 1960 presidential campaign. The Whitehouse “Not for sale” slogan refers to the large sums of money that Joseph P. Kennedy was spending to get his son, John F. Kennedy elected. Joe Kennedy acknowledged this and quipped that he was only will to pay for a win, not a landslide. As it turned out JFK barely won the popular vote although he took the Electoral College by a comfortable margin.

    Theodore White in his Making of the President noted that the Kennedy campaign was the first to concentrate on assembling a roster of states to win the election rather than a generalist canvass. Nixon bragged about visiting all 50 states. Barry Goldwater said that “Nixon sashayed around the country like sh** through a king break.”

    It has been reported that Michael Bloomberg has spent $300 million for ads and has to committed to spending up to $600 million so far. With a net worth of over $150 billion, Bloomberg obviously has deep pockets, far deeper than that those the Kennedys had. Still one has to wonder if this will come back to bite him. Many Americans don’t take kindly to those who buy political offices.

    If you happen to find one of these buttons on an drawer, it's worth hanging on to it. It's worth a couple hundred dollars.
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    Very cool
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    Very cool indeed! Nixon was our President when I was born. @JohnHamilton , I enjoy the history lessons you share, keep them coming!

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