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    I was wrong about Egypt. During the uprisings there, I predicted that the Brotherhood would not have enough support to gain a majority. At the time, I believed they would have SOME power in the new government, maybe up to a third of control, and I was mistaken. They gained enough power to be in control, and I don't see much good coming from that.

    Some of those fears have been confirmed in recent days, especially with the Israeli/Palistine bs, and this recent news:
    Egypt's President Mursi assumes sweeping powers

    Egypt's President Mohammed Mursi has issued a declaration banning challenges to his decrees, laws and decisions.



    Selected quotes:
    No "balance of power" from the judicial side now.
    Effectively creating a dictator.
    I wouldn't use the word "stupidest", it's worse than that. I'd use the word "alarming".

    HOW or WHY the new President is taking over is important, and isn't all bad:
    I approve of that.
    Understandable. The people revolted against their former President in part for those types of abuses. That the new President is intent on reversing that, is trying to keep the police from getting away with it anymore, is a good thing, IMO.
    I remember that, but was wary of the reasoning for the attempt.
    Now that's a reason I understand. Still, becoming a dictator in response is bad juju for their country, and may prove to be unacceptable to the people, leading to further demonstrations, and even revolts.
    I'm of two conflicting opinions on this. In the one sense, it's a good thing to want justice for the attacks on demonstrators, but that is coming off the heel of a major power grab by the new President, which has potentially darker consequences in the long run. Power corrupts, and I don't particularly like the new President, or trust him to handle his new authority without being corrupted by them. It's also a case of being tried excessively, and with bias: the desire for a particular outcome, ie: conviction.
    New governments are not easy to create, and these types of troubles were anticipated. In some sense, so was the creation of a new dictator, but we'll see how Eqypt's people deal with it. He may need to take on even more authority to deal with that, and that's where the country could turn ugly again.

    This is just opinion folks, but this guy may become a vicious dictator if certain pieces fall into place. Let's hope they don't and Eqypt's people have a chance to thrive.
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    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    An update on the story:
    Egypt crisis: Assembly rushes to finish constitution

    The assembly writing a new Egyptian constitution says it hopes to vote on a draft version as early as Thursday.

    I don't know enough about the procedures to comment much but, all things considered, things could work themselves out there without a civil war erupting. That's if the government (and military) continue to exercise restraint though. But, I could be wrong, of course:
    Normally, I'd defer to someone like that, but he didn't really say much more than "inflamatory", so I'll forgive him.
    Given the anger and resentment, to do nothing is worse, IMO. As David says...gotta be proactive, right?
    I'm still surprised by that...that they managed such a victory. To me, it's similar to having total Republican control here...(shudders)
    I've researched Algeria recently, and although it's not anything like the situation in Egypt, I will quote this (from wikipedia*):
    And they turned out alright...relatively speaking, of course.
    Which is why I don't have as much anxiety as most people appear to. Again, I don't like the guy, or his religion, but so far so good, IMO.
    I agree...but will remain wary, of course.

    *Wikipedia source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algeria
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    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    This is what happens when people refuse to vote....not that we don't know that here too, but a year ago in Egypt many REFUSED to vote for ANY candidate, and Mursi (now spelled "Morsi" in the media) won.

    Military Seizes Power In Egypt, Suspends Constitution

    Amanda Sakumo

    The Egyptian military seized power Wednesday from President Mohammed Morsi following demonstrations and days of unrest over the leadership of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood. The military had earlier prevented Morsi from traveling and his whereabouts were unknown.

    Read more at: http://tv.msnbc.com/2013/07/03/military-seizes-power-from-morsi-in-egypt-suspends-constitution/

    Now, get out and vote, or suffer the consequences of another Jr.-like administration! :eek:

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