Accused Killer Of California Cops Was Associated With Right-Wing 'Boogaloo Movement'

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    right wing terror again? but Lil Jonny Hams keeps beating on about "soshilists"

    The FBI announced Tuesday that Steven Carrillo, the U.S. Air Force sergeant who allegedly murdered law enforcement officers in California during protests earlier this month, was associated with the right-wing Boogaloo movement, and that Carrillo chose the timing of his attacks to "take advantage of a time when this nation was mourning the killing of George Floyd."

    A member of the far-right militia, Boogaloo Bois, walks next to protestors demonstrating outside ... [+]

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    Last week, Carrillo was charged with murder after he ambushed Santa Cruz deputies and threw pipe bombs at police on June 6, killing Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller and wounding four other officers.

    On Tuesday, the FBI announced Tuesday that Carrillo has also been federally charged with the murder of federal security officer Pat Underwood, who was killed in a drive-by shooting on May 29 in Oakland.

    A suspected accomplice, Robert Alvin Justus Jr., has been arrested as well.

    Justus was allegedly the driver of the van used in both the Oakland Federal Building shooting and the Santa Cruz attack.

    Before he was apprehended, Carrillo reportedly scrawled the word "boog" and "I became unreasonable" in blood on the hood of a car.

    "Boog" is short for boogaloo, which, according to NBC News, is a far-right anti-government movement that began on the extremist site 4chan and aims to start a second American civil war.

    The phrase "I became unreasonable" has seemingly become a meme in public Boogaloo communities on Facebook.

    Authorities say they also found a "boogaloo" patch in the van the duo used.

    Key Background:
    During Tuesday's press conference, FBI agent Jack Bennett said Carrillo and Justus purposefully chose the protest as the locality of the killing to blend in better and to take advantage of community grief over the police killing of George Floyd. "There is no evidence that these men had any intention to join the demonstration in Oakland … They came to Oakland to kill cops," Bennett said. Carrillo has been charged with 19 felonies related to the attack, and the charges carry enhancements of "lying in wait," which means that Carrillo will be eligible for the death penalty. However, prosecutors have not said if they will pursue death. According to an ATF official, the weapon used in the fatal shootings was a homemade so-called ghost gun without a serial number. "This firearm is a machine gun with a silencer attached to its barrel," said the official.

    Attorney General William Barr and other top government officials, including President Trump, have frequently blamed Antifa activists for the violence stemming from recent demonstrations in the wake of George Floyd's death. However, last week NPR published a review of court documents of 51 individuals facing federal charges related to protests, and none is alleged to have links to the Antifa movement. Among all the cases brought by the Justice Department thus far, the only extremist group mentioned in court documents is the right-wing "Boogaloo movement."

    Critical Quote:
    "Elements of The Boogaloo have evolved from a gathering of militia enthusiasts and Second Amendment advocates into a full-fledged violent extremist group, which inspires lone wolf actors and cell-like actors alike," said Joel Finkelstein, director of the Network Contagion Research Institute. "Given recent events and the inability of law enforcement to grasp and intercept this new mode of distributed terror, we think an increase in these kinds of violent attacks against police are almost inevitable."
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    Not surprised. The FBI has been saying for years the most deadly domestic terror threat is far right groups and white supremacists.
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    so why are the FOX news folks wailing about Antifa??
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    It is a mystery.

    Looking at notable domestic terror attacks in the U.S., there's like 1 left wing person (who didn't manage to kill anyone) and the rest are all right wing extremists/white supremacists

    Is blaming left wing/antifa what you'd call projection?
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    No calls from @JohnHamilton to designate these white supremacist groups as terrorists. Just the people that are trying to get cops to stop killing unarmed black men and women and of course the other group that believes that we should be anti-fascist. Oh the days of not wanting to be murdered by police and not wanting fascists to take over our government are dark times for this country and something that needs to be called out.

    OK, lets have more black people murdered by police and have a fascist government run the country. Would that make the people on the Right happier? I can only imagine that it would be their dreams come true given the things they seem to hate. Not a word against Kyle Rittenhouse for murdering two people with an illegal assault weapon. In fact, hundreds of thousands for his defense from the Right.

    The Right reeks of hypocrisy and always has.
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    where are all the trump bootlickers?? <crickets>
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    No one seems to want to talk about this or the forced hysterectomies. Seems like pretty important topics...
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    If it is done in the name of the Right Wing agenda, it is just fine with them. I have realized listening to them all this time that they see the same situation I see and come to an entirely bizarre conclusion that excuses anyone on their side of anything they can't defend. It is the most cultist behavior I have ever witnessed in my life. You can't blame them though. The cult members are always the last ones to realize that they have been sucked into a cult.

    I mean, explain why you would be against the idea of Fascism. Explain why you would be so offended if people are protesting because they are being murdered in the streets by police officers. There is no logic for being against such stands except that their cult leader is against disparagement of Fascism and criticizing the police for the multiple, multiple, cases of unarmed black people being murdered by white police officers. There is no explanation except that they are brainwashed cult members.
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    That sounds close to a rhetorical question. I think the standard answer you'd get from those who buy the Fox News/Trumpist bill of goods is that antifa is (note that the accurate verb here would be "are", but it doesn't jibe with the constructed narrative) an organization (though in reality it isn't an organization) that is intent on violence as an end in itself. That the ideology of antifa is some depraved mingling of Marxism and anarchism, intent on the downfall of the United States and destruction of everything good and holy. Such are the tales told 'round the electronic campfire. TLDR: Politics of fear: oogety boogety

    Firstly, Fox News is not primarily about broadcasting news. They have a news operation, but often the information presented by that operation is contradicted or ignored by the infotainment talking heads in the evening line-up.

    This is despite the fact that the news operation is infamous for making "errors" that somehow always redound to enhance the Fox News slant. That isn't enough for the likes of Pirro, Carlson, and Ingraham. There are genuine journalists among those working for the news operation, and inevitably they report facts that the talking heads cannot abide.

    Fox News is primarily interested in broadcasting propaganda. They've been highly successful (witness the president of the US as well as everyday Trumpists repeating Fox News talking points ad nauseum) and are known all over the world for their propaganda. Antifa, by prominently opposing people who (whatever their driving ideology) mostly support Trump, provide excellent stalking horses and scapegoats upon which the Trumpists can focus some of their angst and anger. Fox News would be failing in their mission if they neglected to promote antifa as swarm of ravening thugs who are out to destroy the US.

    Anybody with the first clue about propaganda knows that the baleful opponent is one of the strongest elements in a successful propaganda narrative. Trumpism has several bêtes noires, but antifa are especially convenient because of their high visibility and willingness to scrimmage in the streets with the militia cosplay/wannabe brownshirts (who after all are just seeking to secure the existence of their people and a future for their children). If they didn't exist, some other dread bugbear would necessarily have taken their place in the Trumpist worldview.
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    I have posted this challenge before..... Find any of my comments that are Fox news talking points and I will make all of your lives easier and leave this forum. How many of MSNBC's talking points did you reference in your diatribe above?
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    Do you consider yourself a Trumpist?

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