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Discussion in 'Chatter' started by PTD, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. GhostX

    GhostX Moderator Moderator

    Thank you, Stujoe. :)
  2. rlm's cents

    rlm's cents Well-Known Member

    It looks like our new moderator has decided to abandon the ship before it totally sinks.
  3. Stuart

    Stuart Member

    Must have got scared off :D:D
  4. Recusant

    Recusant Member

    It's possible that GhostX is dealing with some health problem; it was mentioned that he's been in that position in the past. Or there may be other perfectly good reasons why he hasn't been able to visit the site recently. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt until I know otherwise.
  5. David

    David Proud Enemy of Hillary

    Yeah, he seems to be one of those "hit & run" types, doesn't he?
    Heck, why do we need a moderator anyway? This site thrives only when the two sides are going at each serves no other purpose.
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  6. Stuart

    Stuart Member

    Moderators can help with keeping debates flowing & keep the the spammers at bay.
  7. IQless1

    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    ...and welcome to the site GhostX. :D
  8. PTD

    PTD Administrator Moderator

    You guys are so lovable, I just don't know how he could stay away!


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