Army Veteran Charged In Shooting Of Black Girl, 15, At Pro-Trump Rally

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    MAGA...right guys??

    OWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — A white military veteran shot and wounded a 15-year-old girl when he fired his gun into a car carrying four Black teenagers during a tense confrontation at a rally in support of President Donald Trump near the Iowa Capitol last month.

    Michael McKinney, 25, is charged with attempted murder in the Dec. 6 shooting in Des Moines. McKinney, who was heavily armed and wearing body armor, told police he fired the shot in self-defense. A resident of tiny St. Charles, Iowa, McKinney has posted on Facebook in support of the far-right Proud Boys and against Black Lives Matter.

    In a news release detailing McKinney’s arrest, the state police described an afternoon shooting at a parking lot and didn’t mention the Trump car rally or the race of those involved. A city police spokesman said initial reports indicated the shooting was traffic-related. Division of Criminal Investigation spokesman Mitch Mortvedt said the agency released the immediate facts and circumstances as required.

    But a review by The Associated Press shows the shooting was sparked by a belligerent political clash between a large group of white Trump supporters and four unarmed Black girls all aged 16 and under.

    Army veteran Michael McKinney is charged with attempted murder in the shooting of a 15-year-old Black girl at a pro-Trump rally.
    The teen driver’s mother said the girls argued with Trump supporters about politics and were subjected to racial slurs. Rallygoers blamed the teens for starting the confrontation, saying they were harassing and threatening the crowd.

    The girls’ car ended up surrounded by Trump supporters who were yelling and honking horns before the driver went in reverse and struck a pickup. It’s unclear whether the collision was accidental. McKinney told police he fired at that point to protect himself.

    An investigator says in court documents that McKinney does not appear to be among those rallygoers who exchanged words with the girls before the shooting.

    Bystander video obtained by police shows McKinney approaching the vehicle, pulling a handgun from his waistband and firing into the car from 15 feet (4.5 meters) away, according to court documents.

    The bullet hit the leg of a girl who had been arguing with members of the crowd through the vehicle’s sunroof. The car sped off to take her to a hospital.

    The 73-year-old owner of the pickup, Bob Brekke Jr., told AP he was glad that McKinney shot into the car and scared the girls away, saying he worried that they might be armed.

    “I felt relieved,” said Brekke, whose truck was scratched in the collision.

    Brekke said the girls had been yelling anti-Trump epithets at him and others as the rally progressed through the heavily Democratic city. He said their vehicle drove wildly, veering in and out of the caravan, and followed it to the parking lot where the route concluded.
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    I remember back in college I met two types of military personnel. Some were the kids going through the ROTC program while earning their degrees before they went off to serve in whichever branch of the military they were in. The second group was people that had previously been in the military and were attending college after their service in the military.

    If I could generalize a bit I would characterize the first group as mostly farm kids without a clue and using the military to get off of the farm. It seemed to be their only avenue of getting out of the towns they were from. They generally had nothing good to say about their hometowns. They were not what you'd call the brightest students in the class. They managed though with the help of military tutors and support.

    The second group was nothing like the first group. They seemed suspicious of everything and generally pretty angry people that were on the edge of exploding. Mind you, there was no conflicts at the time. No war. Nothing but service in peacetime. Yet they seemed to be very angry with the world and resentful of the rest of us for some reason.

    Maybe the military has to change the way it trains soldiers so that we do not release these people back into society with a head full of problems in a society that doesn't understand them.
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    I never understood the point of these posts. You post an article about a dearanged MAGA man in which we all agree that he was in the wrong. I’ve condemned the riots, I condemned using violence to overturn an election, I’ve consistently advocated for a peaceful transition of power, so when you post these articles, am I just supposed to condemn the far right for the 100th time?
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    did you vote for trump?
  5. CoinBlazer

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    Yes I did.
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    then you're the problem.
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    Oh wow, I must’ve forgot where in my 18 years of life, that someone told me “if FDJ says your a problem, immediately regret your voting decisions.”
    Sorry mate lol
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    why did you vote for trump?
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    I was never 100% fond of Trump, but my vote for him was a vote against Liberal policy, such as $15 minimum wage, Student Loan Forgiveness, large immigration and environmental changes. I voted for the person who was less likely to spend egregious amounts of money. The Trump economy worked for me, so I voted for it. Will Biden’s economy be better or worse for me? Guess we’ll find out.
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    the economy is in shambles because trump bungled covid. you doubled down??
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    I’m not confident that trillions of Covid dollars and expansive reform will be help to the US economy either. But I’m not a party loyalist. If the Biden economy turns out to be strong and prosperous, I’ll be much willing to note that success of the president.
    I don’t know what the answer to solving Covid is but I believe the answer is more likely to be reopening business, reopening schools, keep manufacturing and industry in the US like Trump wishes to do, rather than the 1.9 Trillion+ that Biden is proposing, possibly even more.
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    were you worried about the trillions trump spent?
  13. CoinBlazer

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    I don’t recall any unessacary or illegitimate spending. But I could be wrong! Source?
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    Thanks for sharing, I’ll take a look later and give you my thoughts on it.
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