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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Recusant, Nov 16, 2020.

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    Just what the US needs. Millions of citizens becoming convinced that somehow "they" have managed to pull off a massive fraudulent election. That's always healthy for a democratic republic. Leave it to people like Roger Stone to try to -Edited - democracy itself.

    "I would not consider this a grassroots movement by any means," said Ben Decker, the CEO and founder of Memetica, a digital investigations consultancy. "Stop the Steal is a highly coordinated partisan political operation intent on bringing together conspiracy theorists, militias, hate groups and Trump supporters to attack the integrity of our election."

    "Stop the Steal's massive disinformation campaign connected to Roger Stone" | CNN Business

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    You could make it up, but people would tell you that you need to be more imaginative.

    At the "Million MAGA March" in Michigan in support of "Stop the Steal" one of the speakers was Brandon Hall. Mr. Hall can claim a certain degree of expertise on the topic, but strangely he didn't mention it.

    In 2016:

    "Brandon Hall gets 30 days in jail for election fraud" | Holland Sentinel

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    We have a cancer in this country. It's called Trumpism. The same tactics that saw the Nazis rise to power are in use here. The tactics may have been updated with additions like the internet and the globalization but they are exactly the same corruption of the democratic process the Nazis used to gain power. Vigilance is what is needed here. We need to start with the GOP itself because they are the natural allies of the extremists.
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    At Trump's hate rally over the weekend:

    The Proud Boys, as Vox’s Fabiola Cineas has explained, are known for inciting violence, and reports from the scene note provocations coming from demonstrators, as well as from counterprotesters at various points. Video footage shows a number of street brawls breaking out in various parts of the city, including some fights that left onlookers asking for a greater police response.

    During one such melee near the White House, baton-wielding Trump supporters fought with a group of counterprotesters in a brawl that left one man hospitalized after being stabbed in the back. Separately, an independent journalist said she believed she was stabbed in the ear by a member of the Proud Boys. Four police officers were injured.

    DC law enforcement arrested at least 20 people for various charges, including for assault and firearms violations.

    The daytime rally and night’s skirmishes reflect an intensifying social movement fueled by Trump’s disinformation efforts and far-fetched, ramshackle legal campaign to contest President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory, though Biden has a wide margin of Electoral College votes, as Katelyn Burns explained for Vox:

    The Million MAGA March is an offshoot of a larger “Stop the Steal” nationwide protest movement, which incorrectly claims Democrats conspired to steal the election from Republicans. The president’s supporters claim this theft was enacted in a variety of ways, fromthe Dominion voting machines — which are electronic and were used in many states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, among others — changing votes in key states, to a mishmash of false or weak claims about election observers being denied access to vote counts in swing state cities.

    All of these claims have been rebutted by evidence — and some cases, by judges — but that has not stopped the president and his supporters from continuing to insist he actually won the election.

    The fact that this movement is built upon false information and lies has not stopped it from gaining potency. And it has been stoked by Trump himself — for instance,the president drove by the march on Saturday morning and waved at supporters on Pennsylvania Avenue on his way to the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia.
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    Oh no...
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    Who is Moderating PL? Haha, like this is actually funny that someone is trying to create law and order in our little club. Who’s the Mod? Peter or someone else?
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    ToughCoins is the secret moderator. He has weaseled his way into the position by kissing Peters ass I'm sure. He didn't even have the courage to announce this openly. What a weasel. The guy that can't even tolerate opinions and has to put people on ignore. Great choice Peter. Your indifference is now cap stoned.
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    "there are children here"

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    It feels quite strange to have a moderator, maybe this isn’t the Wild West anymore. Lol
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    I don't care what reality is.

    I'm gettin in my pickumup truck with all them American flags on it and driving around so people can see I'm an idiot outside of my neighborhood.
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    they're flying the flag upside down around here. dolts
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    A post was deleted that contained no "unacceptable language," only a link to a Wikipedia page. It's very telling how "freedom" lovers will take the opportunity to throw their weight around in a petty and oppressive manner when they get the chance.
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