biden And His Administration Have Been On Vacation Since The Beginning

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    This disaster of a president has been asleep at the wheel since day one. This inept excuse for a leader has been a complete disaster. But, I don't expect any more from any Democrat since they're all a bunch of losers. It's past time to impeach this -edited- -edited-.

    Book claims Biden ‘exploded’ as Afghanistan collapsed during his vacation: ‘Give me a break’

    Franklin Foer's 'The Last Politician' details Biden's first 2 years, including chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal

    eptember 3, 2023

    President Biden had an explosive reaction when he was told the president of Afghanistan had fled Kabul ahead of the Taliban's takeover of the city in 2021, according to a new book.

    On Friday, Aug. 12, 2021, Biden left D.C. for what was expected to be a mid-August vacation to Camp David. Three days later, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told him the news that the then-president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, had fled as the Taliban was poised to march into the capital.

    "Biden exploded in frustration" when he heard the news and exclaimed, "Give me a break!" according to the forthcoming book "The Last Politician" by journalist Franklin Foer, which describes the inner workings at the White House during the calamitous withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021.

    Biden wasn't the only one on vacation when Ghani escaped and it became clear to the world that the American withdrawal from Afghanistan would be far more chaotic than the administration expected.

    The Biden White House had expected a gradual handover of responsibility to the Afghan government until Aug. 31, 2021, when the Taliban would begin to take an active role in governing the country. Instead, the Taliban rapidly took over territories as the U.S. moved out of various bases and were marching on Afghanistan before Ghani fled, fearing for his life.

    However, in the first weeks of August 2021, multiple high-ranking White House officials left for vacation. Biden went to Camp David. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was in the Hamptons. And then-White House press secretary Jen Psaki took her family to the beach.

    On Aug. 16, 2021 — the day after Ghani fled Kabul — a U.S. C-17 military transport aircraft filled with evacuees took off from then-Hamid Karzai International Airport, but some people on the crowded runway grabbed on to the landing gear in a desperate attempt to escape as the plane took off.

    Upon seeing the "images of Afghans falling from the sky," which became some of the most dramatic scenes of the evacuation, Psaki knew she had to leave her family vacation, Foer wrote.

    According to Foer, Psaki wrote to then-White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain: "I’m contemplating coming back," and Klain responded: "I'm sorry. I think you need to."

    Foer's book notes that Biden took an active interest in the evacuation, throwing out ideas to get more people on planes and out of the country and asking to be updated when individual people had made it safely out of the Afghanistan.

    The Biden administration evacuated more than 120,000 people from Afghanistan as the country collapsed under Taliban pressure. However, that "improvised feat of logistics" failed to overcome the impression that the Biden administration was reacting slowly, Foer wrote.

    The White House was "stung" by the fact that the toughest criticism was not just coming conservative media but also from "the columnists and venerable reporters that Biden's inner circle respected and tended to heed," Foer's book states.

    Foer writes that "in the thick of the crisis, Biden didn't have time to voraciously consume the news, but he was well aware of the tough coverage. ‘We’re getting killed,' he would admit. It frustrated him to no end."

    However, the criticism did nothing to change Biden's mind about leaving Afghanistan nor change his detestation for "the conventional wisdom of the foreign policy elites," Foer said. "After defying their delusional predictions of progress for so long, [Biden] wasn't going to back down now."

    "In fact, everything he’d witnessed from his seat in the Situation Room confirmed his belief that exiting a war without hope was the best and only course," Foer writes.

    Foer's book recounts the first two years of Biden's presidency from his inauguration through the 2022 midterm elections. The book is to be released Tuesday by Penguin Random House.
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    Biden insists he’s too busy to visit site of Ohio train derailment disaster despite record vacations

    September 3, 2023

    President Biden claimed he hasn’t “been able to break” since promising he’d visit the site of the toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio months ago – despite recently taking a roughly eight-day vacation in Nevada.

    Biden was asked why he hasn’t yet fulfilled his March commitment to visit the Ohio village at a press conference Saturday in Live Oak, Florida, during his short trip to view Hurricane Idalia’s wreckage.

    “I haven’t had the occasion to go to East Palestine,” Biden told reporters. “There’s a lot going on here, and I just haven’t been able to break.”

    His remarks came nearly a week after he finished off his family getaway in Nevada — and some 211 days since the Feb. 3 derailment.

    The Post reported Saturday that Biden has spent 40% — or 382 of his first 957 days as president — on personal overnight trips away from the White House, taking more downtime than any of his recent predecessors.

    Biden promised to visit East Palestine “at some point” on March 2, but declined to specify when.

    The Norfolk Southern train that derailed there was carrying toxic vinyl chloride, roughly five cars’ worth of which was burned off in a controversial controlled explosion.

    The disaster unleashed hazardous chemicals into the soil, air, and water, ravaging the community.

    Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg caught hefty criticism for waiting three weeks to visit the beleaguered community in the aftermath of the accident. Notably, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan visited about a week beforehand.

    Biden toured some of Hurricane Idalia’s wreckage in the Sunshine State Saturday before jetting off to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, to spend part of his Labor Day weekend.

    “I was thinking that I would go to East Palestine this week, but I’ve been reminded I’ve gotta go literally around the world,” he said. “I’m going from Washington to India to Vietnam to – so it’s gonna be awhile. But we’re making sure that East Palestine has what they need materially in order to deal with the problem.”

    Impeach Biden 1.png
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  5. Andy

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    Biden is a puppet who lets his strings be pulled as long as his family’s pockets are filled. Aways been sleazy and corrupt.
    That was why the election was fixed to get him in.
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    Do you remember how much flak was flung at Trump for golfing? The damn hypocrisy absolutely sickens me.
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  7. What U ignore

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    This book is a complete farce. Full of lies.

    Did you know that the Taliban promised NOT to enter the city as terms for the withdrawal?

    Did you know that the military insisted on keeping the military airfield that the USA had built yet the enemies of this country advising Bided went aginst our military.

    Did you know that Trump was told by his weak general that it would be cheaper to leave all the equipment behind than bring it home and he said we were not leaving it or giving up the miilitary base.

    Did you know that in a direct talk with the leader of the Taliban trump told him EXACTLY where the was while on the call and said he could take him out at any time if our troops were harmed in any way. They were not while Trump was running the withdrawal.

    All that changed with the election. If you believe Biden is running anything except his mouth when he slurs or misspeaks ... you should be posting with the two ignorant clowns that formerly screwed up this forum.
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  8. What U ignore

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    Almost a year of "vacation" in 2 1/2 years!
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  9. What U ignore

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    :oops: I was way off. 384 vacation days in 2 1/2 years = over 40% of his Presidency. Fake news not reporting this.

    Oh, in 2007 a former Obama girlfriend produced a letter from "O" saying he thought a lot about sex w/men. Unfortunately, I looks like "O" may have been abused as a child. Anyway, one of his purported "sex buddy's" on TV tonight. Thankfully this will not be covered by fake media either. Anyone can make up a story like that IN SPITE OF THE LETTER and his manly spouse who just may be our first "woman" president. ;)
  10. justafarmer

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    Every cloud has a silver lining. Just considered how screwed up things would be if instead of being on vacation he actually worked those 384 days.
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  11. What U ignore

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    NEWS FLASH: Biden does nothing he is not told to do. He in incompetent. Whether he is in the WH or not, his minions are ruining our country.
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  12. toughcoins

    toughcoins Rarely is the liberal viewpoint tainted by realism

    Sometimes I wonder . . . If Jobie had worked all of those days, it would have forced the man behind the curtain to spend that much more time on damage control, and less time scheming.
  13. justafarmer

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    Based on the results of the Afgan withdrawal - I agree, they should have spent less time in the Biden war room and spent a lot more time in the actual war room.
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    What is the biden war room? Is that his garage where he keeps his Corvette and classified documents from his time as a senator?
  15. freshmeat

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    The ' Afgan withdrawal' was a plumpkin set up. Had he remained in office he would have just reneged on the deal. As it turned out it was a poison pill for Joe.

    so much of USA's credibility internationally was destroyed by the ultimate twat who destroys as a matter of chaos/course. Good thing he is going to prison for life
  16. justafarmer

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    Same old liberal contorted logic. So you are saying Old Sleepy Joe took the bait hook, line and sinker. Yet you still display the upmost confidence in the man. Of course he always had the choice of sticking to Trump's original plan and reneged on the deal. But Orangeman bad.
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    Your proof?

    Not a poison pill at all. The plan for withdrawal was in place. But, joe briben decided to do it HIS way which, as we see, turned out to be a disaster and cost the lives of 13 American soldiers.
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  18. justafarmer

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    I didn't even address facts. I was just pointing out how contorted his logic is even after accepting his facts prima facia.
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  19. What U ignore

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    We almost got rid of all the ignorant primates that danced to the organ grinder's music around here but the post about what our Red Chinese compromised POTUS (lying lunchbox Joe) goes to prove is that sooner or later an ignorant opinion pops up to the top of the toilet water just like fatty poop . :D:D

    @justafarmer, you forgot to mention that what crooked Joe did was against the wishes of our military. Nevertheless, Biden owed it to the commies to give them the biggest airbase in the region and of our military equipment we left behind. .
  20. What U ignore

    What U ignore Thread KILLER

    Let's see what we are dealing with. Hey everyone, watch this!:p:D





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