Border Dispute Resolved, Columbia Angry

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    There are a lot of border disputes in the World, and a lot of odd border lines as well. Examples of the former can be found in places like Kashmir (Pakistan, India, and China all claim various areas of the region) or the islands North of present-day Japan (claimed and occupied by Russia after WWII). An example of the latter is the Land of Lakes area in Minnesota.

    It's not in my nature to accept these things as being sensible, so this story caught my attention since a decision on a long-held argument was reached, albeit the losing side got pissed, so it may legally resolved, but it really isn't.
    Colombia pulls out of International Court over Nicaragua

    Colombia has announced it no longer recognises the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice, in The Hague.

    So they lost in court and are having a fit about it.
    Decades long, huh? (looks at twenty year old atlas) My old atlas lists them under Colombian rule and a wiki source says France recognized them as belonging to Colombia in 1900, while the U.S. attempted to convince them to join Panama. Nicaragua itself recognized Colombian rights in 1928.

    They are much closer to Nicaragua, so my sensibilities say "Good!" But I can see why Colombia is pissed, considering it was formerly recognized as being theirs. The islands themselves are not very large (the isle of San Andres is roughly ten square miles), but they are quite scenic, as you would expect islands in the Caribbean to be.
    Says the loser in the court case. And if his country had won?


    But no, the international courts are where these need to be resolved for obvious reasons. So the President is just being a sore loser.
    IMO, it's overdue. Geographically, it makes sense to me that islands near a major country should belong to that country, and not some distant government.
    Understatement of the hour.
    I really hate it when they say that. It means they will cause economic issues in Nicaragua whenever they can until they get their way. Deny contracts and stall negotiations. It's essentially declaring an economic war, IMO, but we'll see how that actually plays out. Sometimes that type of war is useless, most times it's at least partly successful. (see: America don't like you not agreeing with them) A cowards way, but accepted since actual violence isn't an integral part of the war.
    See? Bullied into complying. I admire America for many things, but not for it's bullying nature (see: Bush, "Gotta go invade now" Jr.).

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