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    "It seems like politics has surpassed sports and organized religion as the most defining part of our identity. Our politics has become synonymous with our values and our organizing life principle."


    By nearly every metric of human well-being, the world around us is a much better place than it was a century or two ago. As Max Roser, an Oxford University economist in "The Short History of Global Living Conditions and Why It Matters That We Know It," we're freer, more democratic, healthier, richer, better educated and more literate than we ever have been

    and finally

    If our political identities are how we build our own individual community, how we weed out friends from foes, how we judge each other above all other things, the logical conclusion is an America that sees politics as religion, that justifies intolerance and exclusion as virtue and righteousness, that rationalizes patently bad behavior in the name of a cause.
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    Your middle point is well taken. Things are better with respect to freedom, health, education and wealth. The problem is, freedom may have crested and is now falling backward.

    We just celebrated the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. That signaled the beginning of the end of the oppressive Soviet Union Communist regime. Unfortunately young people who were not living during the time of the Soviet Union have no idea about what communism was like. They think that the system promotes financial equality, freedom and general well being. They have never been taught about the problems and flaws connected with communist and socialist systems.

    I think that freedom is in jeopardy because of that. Top down, state controlled economics have not had great track records on the issues of civil rights and prosperity. But it’s hard to make that point to them because of the current political slant among educators.
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