China Set To Buy U.S. Company

Discussion in 'World Events' started by IQless1, May 30, 2013.

  1. IQless1

    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    I always feel a little nervous when foreign countries buy American-owned companies. Admittedly, a large part of my trepidation comes from a lack of knowledge regarding trade issues in general. :(

    China's Shuanghui to buy US pork producer for $4.7bn

    China's Shuanghui International plans to buy US pork producer Smithfield Foods for $4.7bn (£3.1bn) to meet the country's rising demand for meat.
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    It works both ways. Other countries are not always terribly enthusiastic about US companies buying up their stuff either. But realistically one corporate owner is pretty much like another. I doubt that Smithfield Foods is any more loyal to America than Shuanghui is. In the pursuit of profit, flags and nationality are at best simply useful marketing props.
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  3. IQless1

    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    Whhhhaaaaaaat? Other countries don't like us giving them a few bucks to harness their resources?

    Look, this is how it works: We (America) give you (we don't need your life story) dollar.....(shaking bill) dolllllllarrr.....then you let us take what we want. See? :confused:

    It just doesn't work the same the other way around, it just ain't right.

    Um, should I duck? :eek: I was jus' funnin' !!!
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    With over $441 billion invested in the United States, the United Kingdom is the largest foreign
    direct investor, as is indicated in Table 1. Japan is the second-largest foreign direct investor in the
    U.S. economy with about $289 billion in investments. Following the Japanese are the Dutch
    ($240 billion), the Germans ($215 billion), the Swiss ($212), the Canadians ($211 billion), the
    French ($199 billion) and Luxembourg ($190).
  5. IQless1

    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    Thanks for the info. My anxiety isn't quantifiable though. I can't say why I have that nervousness, since I simply don't have enough knowledge on the issue. Half of me is fine with it, the other half isn't, if that makes any sense. I guess you could say that I'm "on the fence" lol
  6. De Orc

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    Could be rather painful for you :confused:
  7. IQless1

    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    No worse than the twenty pound behemoth of a cat that simply MUST put all his weight on my nuts every day during "lap-time".

    I've given up any ideas on having any more kids, thanks to him...and my son's head-on smashes into me when he was yea-high. "Yea" being nut-height. Little bastard was like a torpedo for years. "Go away son...daddy has to cry...and bleed a bit more."

    But, I consider myself lucky. This monster of a cat hasn't tried to knock me down like he almost did to my gf when we first got him. He hasn't hunted me mercilessly like he used to do with my gf's daughter. This cat's a big boy. Ten more pounds on him and I would legitimately fear for my life. Hell, he occasionally gives me a look that more or less expresses the same idea..."If I had ten more pounds on me, you'll be food." I can take him, but I'll pay a price, I'll be bleeding like crazy...and if he got a jugular or somethin'....yikes!

    Yeah, I let him have his lap-times. I let him go outside when he wants. I tell him he's a "good" boy...all in an effort to not be eaten.

    And yeah, I sleep with the bedroom door shut. I try to keep at least two shut doors between him and I. He likes us but...

    Sheesh, no wonder my sleep pattern's all messed up lol

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