CNN is keeping Trump haters ignorant and loving it.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by What U ignore, Nov 16, 2023.

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    Lets see who is ignorant and who is not: This was released by CNN about the investigation. It contains lies and omissions that "color" the truth to perpetuate ignorance. What are they?

    "A decision to not pursue charges is likely to draw criticism from Donald Trump and his allies. They have long drawn parallels between Hur’s investigation with that of special counsel Jack Smith, who earlier this year brought charges against the former president related to his own handling of classified documents after he left the White House.

    But key differences between the two probes abound, including the fact that the National Archives repeatedly tried and failed to get back documents in Trump’s possession. At one point, the FBI secured a search warrant to search his Florida estate.

    Biden’s attorneys, on the other hand, quickly notified the National Archives of the materials found in his possession."

    PS No one can know everything but things as this have been discussed in depth if you care to look. It is not a political issue either - just the facts that have not been reported by the fake Leftist media. So, if you don't know what is untrue above and what is omitted, IMO you are not qualified to even have an opinion on this subject because your comments would be WORTHLESS! Unfortunately, we have a few of these worthless :confused: posters on PL. :(
    Remember, garbage in garbage out. Nothing in nothing out.

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