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Discussion in 'Politics' started by FryDaddyJr, Jul 20, 2021.

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    Some things never change.
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    Very interesting comic- truly accurate but to compare smallpox to the Chinese Coronavirus is certainly a stretch. Smallpox killed over 300 million people, and wiped out what, a third of Europe? it also killed children. Adults. The middle-aged. And the elderly.

    A vaccine for smallpox is not comparable to a vaccine for this souped up common cold virus.

    either way, if your vaccine works, then why do you care about someone else’s? That’s one thing I plainly can’t understand.
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    3 big reasons off the top of my head:

    1. Those who refuse to take it endanger those who can't like the immunocompromised. Unfortunately they're also the ones who need protection most.

    2. They are, in the best case scenario, 95% effective. That means 1 of every 20 people who receive it, it actually doesn't work for. Vaccines rely on herd immunity to cover this gap in protection so the more people who get it the safer everyone is.

    3. Those who don't take it become variant breeding grounds for the virus, and new variants could appear that the vaccine is far less effective against
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    Unvaccinaed eh? Mind telling us why? All the reasons please. Microchip? 5G towers? Mind control? You know, the usual crazy crap.
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    This is true- but at the same time those are the people who should be sheltered. Those are the people who should have been locked down through this. Look at the states which made nursing homes take covid patients… thousands of additional elderly citizens lost their lives. At the same time- incredible numbers of Americans committed suicide, died of overdoses, and another killer popped up in the elderly community- that being failure to thrive because of lack of social interaction, especially those who could no longer get in touch with their children, and grandchildren. My heart aches for everyone involved.
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    Because 1, probably had the virus anyway. Therefore, I have immunity.
    Because 2, I’m not at risk of the virus because of age. I’m far from anti-vaccine, I am fully vaccinated for all but this. This was risk-assessment. Plainly, the risk is not there. I’m not going to specify my exact age at the moment due to the identifying nature but I am under 25 and in university.
    3. The incentives made me want to do it less. I had an appointment until I was offered 100 dollars cash from my company, a fast food pass from the state (disgusting), and more.

    at this point, if you’re not vaccinated, that’s on you. You have to bear the consequences of it. It’s called personal responsibility. I’m guessing you’re vaccinated for this virus, good for you. I’m glad, my entire family is as well. I haven’t gotten it. I’m immune, and I was in an environment where the people around me weren’t susceptible either.

    I find it unfortunate you think this way. I understand the snark in that comment but I will still follow up by saying I’m not like any of those things. That comment says a lot more about you, than it does me.
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    when the hospitals are overflowing we all feel the effects. this shouldn't need to be explained to an adult.
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    Ok, say that is the case.

    why the need to cover it up?
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    Cover up what exactly, skanks?
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    I'd say you live in a delusional world there StankyBoy.
    You are NOT immune.

    For those on this forum both left and right that know me and wonder where I suddenly "disappeared" to it was the hospital. Got out about 4 hours ago after a 7 day stay for diabetes related issues.
    I lost a toenail and may just lose a toe. The next 4-6 weeks will tell.

    That aside I've spent a lot of time at this particular hospital usually for diabetes or pancreas related issues. This time around I heard a lot of code 99s being announced on the second floor. The second floor contains ICU. I know because I've been there so I started asking nurses but they weren't saying much. I had never heard code 99 before in all the time I've spent there.

    Finally a nurse opened up because she works both floors (I was on the sixth). Code 99 has to do with breathing difficulty and requires ventilators.
    She was more than frustrated as ALL of these folks just happen to be healthy younger folks that just happen to be unvaccinated.
    Turns out that what nurses did open up about was unvaccinated fools taking up valuable space that could easily NOT be there.

    I do my best to control my diabetes and this episode caught me totally off guard. If just one shot would have prevented it I would have been all over it.
    Fortunately my misfortune is not contagious.

    So if you do get Covid do everyone a favor. Quarantine yourself until you recover or die. Just don't waste a hospital bed that someone deserving could be using.
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    You are as uninformed at the rest of your ilk. You ARE the problem. You are a breeding ground for the next variant. You can still infect others. You are not immune. You are exactly the age group that is filling the hospitals. You are clueless to our detriment.
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    How many stupid variants are you going to worry about? Long after you’re gone my generation will be dealing with this virus. What, are we going to be masking and locked down forever, for all of human history?

    The reason to get vaccinated is so you can get back to normal. The fact that this is not how it’s happening only makes me want this vaccine less.

    You can say I’m not immune all you want, but considering that humans have gained immunity from disease without vaccines for thousands of years, I don’t really care.

    I’ll say it again- if you’re unvaccinated, that’s on YOU. Everyone has had a chance to get this shot at zero cost. Let people make their own choices, have personal responsibility, and deal with the consequences of their own actions.

    Personal responsibility exists- something democrats apparently don’t believe in anymore unfortunately.
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    That personal responsibility you keep harping about apparently doesn't extend to your family, friends, community, or anyone else in the country. Get the damn shot and stop putting everyone else at risk because your generation was born knowing everything already. Viruses don't care about all that idiotic ideology. They kill you, your family, your friends, and burden the Healthcare community.
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    by that same token, not getting vaccinated and then seeking resources for medical care should be forbidden. Leave those resources for folks who didn't make a stupid choice.
    Insurance companies for sure shouldn't be covering people who refuse the vaccine or they should be upping your costs to be covered.
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    Neither are the leftist loons taking pictures and videos. The world is full imbeciles. This individual doesn’t look any more/less foolish than those that were wearing the pink female genitalia hats.

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