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    I just heard a radio personality spend a minute bashing a Republican candidate for being a thin-skinned- hothead who cannot handle questions from the press and thus not an ideal POTUS. The guy on the radio misrepresented what happened 100% yet due to his popularity - no one would even think to believe him. Naturally, He did not play the taped exchange for people to hear and judge for themselves BUT I HAD ALREADY HEARD THE ACTUAL EXCHANGE. The candidate was surrounded by people, shaking hands and talking with everyone when a reporter yelled out, "why aren't you taking questions from the public?" The candidate shot back "Are you blind...." Now, on the second news break this morning, the big story is "so-and-so" lost his temper with a reporter!"

    Here's the problem: DEMOCRAT BIASED FAKE NEWS. ANYTHING GOES INCLUDING LYING AND SUPPORTING LIES. That's why we have totally ignorant citizens. One that posts on PL is a real fool. These lazy people get a vote and right now a very old, feebleminded, corrupt, Red Chinese compromised old fool along with the swamp is destroying our country BECAUSE OF IGNORANT VOTERS!

    In a survey of democrat voters over 40% said they would not have voted for Biden if they knew the FBI lied about Trump and also covered up for Biden.
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    What U ignore Thread KILLER

    PS In defense of the ignorant...

    It's OK to be duped. The media is there to tell us what is going on. In an ideal world, we would be told who, what, where, and when so we could make up our own minds. Unfortunately that is no longer the case.

    However, when one of these ignorant dancing monkeys imitating a knowledgeable citizen is told the 100% provable true facts (example: The FBI lied about Trump) and continues to believe the lies because they are too lazy and biased, to search for the truth on their own, they are worthless posters who do not deserve to crap up this forum with their ignorant monkey business!
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