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    Important information from the Cosmic Ray Deflection Society of North America

    Knowing that in some future time when the ozone layer has been further destroyed by man-made chemicals such as fluorocarbons and exhaust fumes, the earth and its inhabitants will be mercilessly bombarded by deadly cosmic rays (DCRs), the Cosmic Ray Deflection Society of North America, Inc. has been organized to discover ways to survive the coming onslaught.

    Something had to be done!!! An Anti-Cosmic Ray Suit [ACRaS] would be constructed! Man-made items that are really unnecessary and have no real value for our lives were attached to a hat and a shirt... By believing that the collection of trinkets, tickets, plastics, toys, auto parts, jewelries, beads, buttons, and other trivial items would repel the cosmic rays, the DCRs were actually repelled!!!

    We call the point at which the DCRs actually start being repelled CRITICAL MASS. As you attach each piece to your cosmic ray deflection item be it hat, shirt, car, house, shield or footgear, you think that this will be the item that gives you critical mass. At some point it actually starts happening!!!

    That is the important point in this first law of cosmic ray deflection. As you attach each piece to your cosmic ray deflector, you must believe that this little bit of your life is going to protect you from DCRs. As you attach items to your deflector, these little pieces of your memory slowly grow and multiply in strength and energy and actually start deflecting DCRs.

    This information is especially important to young people, We hope... :D
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    I think all I can say is "WTF?"
  3. Andy

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    Hey lets talk about the up side of global warming. No ice age!

    Seriously, as long as I wear my foil helmet I should be ok for the suns rays will be reflected back into space which also means that I am doing my job to protect the human race which means I am a hero and if I am sending dangerous rays into outer space that would make me a space hero which means I now need a hero suit, a super hero suit like the pajama's on the men of those dutch coins people from utah own and utah has mountains and mountains reach into space which would make utah men space men which are aliens which means we should call INS and have GDJMSP deported. He's illegal. Seriously.
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    LOL Im scared now thing I will go live underground :rolleyes:

    De Orc :hail:
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    Old Dan you're just too much. ;)

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