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Discussion in 'Chatter' started by PTD, Dec 14, 2006.

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    There are an untold number of spammers out there, joining forums like this for the sole purpose of posting links to their porn, drug purchase sites, etc., and CoinTalk attracts its share.

    There is a right way, and a wrong way, for members to react when they come across such a posting.

    The Moderators have the power to remove such postings, and the first one who sees it can be counted on to do so.

    Each member can, and should, therefore, immediately notify the Moderators when they spot such a post. To do this, just click on the [​IMG] icon above each posting at the right. Using it to send an email to all Moderators ensures that one of us will see and react to the posting sooner than might occur by waiting for one of us to routinely look at the thread. Not every Moderator looks at every thread in every forum every day, but we all read our email.

    Recently there have been several instances of replies being posted to spam. That can never be helpful. The spammer is already 10 victims away, and has no plans to return to the scene of his/her crime, so "go away" or insulting posts won't ever be seen.

    Once a Moderator visits the thread, he will see the responsive posting, but by then he is at the thread and will take action without that urging.

    Please, do click on the [​IMG] icon but don't post anything in the thread. And, remember, this is for reporting spam, not for reporting someone who posts a political opinion you don't like.

    Thanks for helping keep this website spam-free. :D
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