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    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    Arafat to be exhumed on Tuesday over poisoning claim

    The body of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is to be exhumed on Tuesday, Palestinian officials say.


    Select quotes:

    Here we go again. People here probably don't know this but, a few years ago the "Gipper", the real one, was dug up, to verify claims of kinship from a woman (none found). He's buried nearby, and it caused a ruckus up here...most of us don't like that chit, no matter the person, as we tend to believe in letting the dead rest.
    And old age, of course. He was 75 at the time of his death...not ancient, but old enough that even minor health issues can become life-threatening...and his health issues were anything but 'minor'.
    Sheesh! What a hell-of-a Pandora's Box that (atomic discoveries) turned out to be...a nasty way to die too. Where was Putin back then? Just sayin'...
    Russia, huh...Ironic lol ...I can see them now: "Yes, we can trace the signature by it's unique properties to the facility that created it. (and, after concluding it's one of their's)..."We cannot find any link to any of our facilities. Leave. Now."
    Unusual circumstances. It's not typically allowed under Islamic Law. As I said earlier, we protested like crazy up here against such disturbances when "The Gipper" was set to be exhumed...which were understood, but overruled.
    Makes sense, right? They had the motive, opportunity, and most importantly: will, to do such a thing. Very Putin-esque though. Very cruel. A bullet? Yes. A bomb? Sure. Polonium-220 poisoning? Really?, you wanna go there? You don't understand the ramifications? If true, the Palestinians have every reason, and right, to respond in kind. Idiotic in the extreme, if true.
    "...an unknown infection." Yeah, radiation poisoning can do that, and easily. Again, and as a sufferer of chronic infections myself, very very cruel.
    BS. These "experts" Israeli, or sympathetic to Israeli causes, perchance?
    That would be one place to add it, but hardly the only one. It's essentially undetectable (who checks EVERYTHING they own/eat for excessive radiation?) and, after such a long period of time, even more so. The case in England (a former Russian spy was murdered) was traced using every possible tool at the authorities disposal, and was only successful because of the promptness and thoroughness of their search. These types of elements typically break down in stages, becoming less harmful (and I believe more difficult to trace as a result), some parts after a few minutes, some after a few weeks, some after a few years, etc., and the time to successfully search is usually the first few weeks to few months.

    In any case, use of radioactive elements... (forgive my misspeak if incorrect on the correct terms, as I'm just a dude in the country with limited knowledge on it, and I don't give a @#$% what the correct terms are enough to seek them out) ...the use of such things is beyond reasonable, as the consequences of it (similar retaliatory usage) are extremely serious.

    IMO, of course.
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    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    Really? No one interested in this story? :confused:

    (grabs shovel, yells to kid)

    "Hey! They don't give a @#$%, looks like we got the 'OK'...so let's do dis t'ing!"

    People wanna dig up the real one...payback's comin'...*

    *disclaimer: chill...it's just a joke.
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    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    :mad: Fine. I'll talk to myself then...(turns to self)

    ...First off, you ignorant slut, what you were referring to was the "half-life" of an element, and you were WRONG to suggest it had a variable rate.

    (slut turns to self)...Yeah, I know. What I meant was when more elements are present. There's no indication of that here, from what I can find, so....oops.

    (self responds)...You also mentioned Polonium-220 as the element, when the article clearly states it was another isotope, Polonium-210.

    (slut sighs)...Yeah, I caught that too late. I was never that interested in chemistry anyway though so @#$% you.

    (self)...There's no need for that! But, I have to amend your ridiculous "report" in another way, as well. You mentioned that a former Russian spy was murdered, but you neglected to mention that it was the exact same isotope!

    (slut)...Yeah? That's a coincidence, eh?

    (self)...Not really, Polonium-210 is the most widely available isotope, after all.

    (slut)...Anything else?

    (self)...Besides your obvious abhorrence to hygeine? Yes, actually. You mentioned decay-rates of elements, atrociously I might add, and you would do well to inform people that Polonium-210 has a half-life of about 20 weeks.

    (slut)...Whatever dude, you're just pissing me off at this point and I just want this DONE already.

    (self)...Very well, my ignorant slut, I shall say one final thing before retiring to the bedroom. With a half-life of 20 weeks, the man's death in 2004, and the current year at 2012, one would not expect to find large traces of it on anything. By now, most of it has decayed. That they found any is something of a small miracle.

    (slut yawning)...Grrrreat...Can we go to sleep now?

    (self)...Verily! I shall retrieve the ointment at once!
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    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    See what you people make me do? :confused:
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    Well, I did appreciate your initial report, and of course like you I immediately thought of Litvinenko when I heard "polonium 210." I'm glad I didn't respond immediately though, because we would have missed the subsequent antics. [​IMG]
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    I was just waiting for Davy to blame Obama before I commented. "Obama poisons Arafat in attempt to win election". Hey, it worked didn't it? He has killing other leaders in the region. You can't deny that the results speak for themselves.
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    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    You bastard! ...but, yeah...I would have been sad myself otherwise, so thanks for the self-restraint in not ripping into my OP and letting it develop lol...obviously I care little for it (self-restraint) myself. ;):D
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    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    Whoever poisoned him caused a lot of unknown collateral damage too, possibly including him/her self. It's likely that it was in his food for one thing, and those dishes, utensils, and everything they've touched afterwards are likely contaminated. Same with his (Arafat's) waste, and anything he himself touched. It's likely he vomited violently, and the evidence I've seen substantiates that. All of that, and the things used to clean it are likely contaminated. It's just NOT a weapon people should use, ever.
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    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    More on the story, a few clarifications:
    Can science solve mystery surrounding Arafat's death?

    By Nina Lamparski, BBC News (11-27-12)

    Almost a decade after Yasser Arafat's death, three teams of scientists are carrying out tests on his remains to determine whether he may have been poisoned by polonium-210.

    Right off the bat, I have issues with the story title/lead-in above. It's a minor thing, but journalists annoy me sometimes in the way they word the story. Can science solve it? Yes and no. Scientists annoy me on occasion also. I get that they need concrete proof, verifiable evidence, it just annoys me sometimes when an expert has to weigh in on something that is essentially known to be true. Like I said, I'm nit-picking. Sue me, I'm tired.
    I may be wrong in saying it's not altogether rare or highly radioactive, but I'm basing that on wording more than anything. Yes, it's rare in the sense that it's hard to come by, and yes, it's highly radioactive, but so are most other radioactive elements, so it's a bit misleading, IMO. I'm nit-picking again.
    I'd expect them to find the element, in decayed amounts, but what they really mean is the cause of death, and IMO it's a bit....annoying....to seek a cause of death at this point, as it's impossible to say with any great degree of certainty, so why make the attempt? Look for traces, report on them, and shut up.
    I may be wrong here, but that sounds like pure BS to me. "Inconclusive" can mean what they mean, but I'd like to know who actually came to those conclusions, and why, since "inconclusive", under this situation, also implies a desire to be vague.
    That's not their job, IMO. I also question the wording "elevated enough", which is an "out" for conclusions that implicate an assassination.
    Exactly. Thank you.
    Yes and no.
    And much more since his death, however, calculations CAN be made easily on the samples themselves using basic math. It sounds to me like they are setting the stage for future BS.
    Present BS. Unless someone here can convince me otherwise, Dr. Hamilton is lying, period.
    Again, setting the stage to protect a country. Palestinians are not going to need the courts to get pissed about this, so why even bother with such an idiotic statement? Law? Get bent.

    IMO, of course.
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    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    A couple comments about Israel here, since it's a related thing. One is that Israel has a policy of "strategic ambiguity"...yeah, they really do. It's something like "plausible deniability". Both are legal terms that say "We can neither confirm nor deny, so get bent."

    Another one is that I hear Israel has decided to build a nuclear plant. I get the need for power, but holy chit, are they serious? Sheesh, people are nuts.

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