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    I'm not on Facebook anymore, I couldn't stand the constant invasions of privacy (I'm older, and prefer more privacy than most youths appear to), but this story caught my attention. It appears Facebook has a policy where you can vote on privacy issues...and that policy is giving them some headaches. Good, they suck:
    Facebook criticised over decision to stop public privacy votes

    By Dave Lee Technology reporter, BBC News

    Facebook is set to remove the ability for users to vote on changes to its data privacy policy, in a move that has angered campaigners.

    Selected quotes:
    BS, through and through. They are panicking, 'cause they have stockholders now, and need to make money, something privacy inhibits there.
    That's roughly 30% of subscribers. But, my point here is that they changed the rule out of fear of lost revenue. That's their right, but it's my right to call it BS too, and I hereby do lol.
    LOL, Yeah, good luck with that...suckers lol
    B.S. Translated: "Um, we need to know stuff about you so we can appease our clients and stockholders (by making money from privacy invasions)."
    Translated: "We were not making enough money for our clients and you people scare us when you want privacy. Please stop."
    Amended: "Therefore, we're proposing to end the voting component of the process in favor of a system that leads to more money for our clients and stockholders."
    Translated: "We use the information we gather to make money. We can't do that if you guys vote for more privacy."
    But....that would hurt profits, and profits is priority #1 now.

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