Fake News:Russian Civil War/ Coup

Discussion in 'World Events' started by Andy, Jun 25, 2023.

  1. Andy

    Andy Well-Known Member

    What’s up with Prigozhin and Wagner?
    We can only speculate:
    1. Russia sent nuclear weapons to Belarus to keep Poland and NATO on their toes and as a deterrent from invading Belarus.
    Seems as if Wagner forces were redeployed to Belarus on a pretense of what supposedly occurred. Was this sending 50,000 Putin owned army to scare Poland from escalating the Ukraine conflict with more arms and troops, officially? To be an invasion force into Ukraine from Belarus. Could be so many things other then Prigozhin is in exile.
    2. Putin showed anger in a speech on Wagner’s Road Trip. Putin never shows emotion. Go back and screen speeches since he has been in power. Was this a way to tell the West that he can be emotionally angered enough to use Nukes or bomb Kiev to ashes if provoked enough?
    3. You tell me. But remember that everything outlandish that Prigozhin has said or done in the past always led to a military action of success that was the opposite and his boss was KBG which practiced misdirection and manipulation of events.
  2. John Kamps

    John Kamps Well-Known Member

    Prigozhin was hailed as a hero in Rostov/ and all along his march to Moscow. While the Wagner Army was en route they were attacked by Russian helicopters/ they promptly shot down seven. Putin in the meantime went into hiding like the coward he is. Funny as it seems/ where was the mighty Russian Army? Seems they are bogged down in the Ukraine. In the US/ Republicans and Democrats agreed that if the nuclear powerplant is blown up by the Russians, it will invoke Article 5 and NATO will wipe out every last Russian in the Ukraine/ Crimea. Fact about Wagner Group/ they used sleigh hammers on Syrian POWS/ also on their own soldiers who refuse to attack enemy positions. Prigozhin is a former criminal leader a "criminal org." while Putin is a "war criminal" leading a criminal Regime....pity only in Russia.

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