Fascism & Communism different flavors of tyranny but still tyranny.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JoeNation, Oct 12, 2021.

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    I have been reading a fascinating book recently that put much of what goes on in this forum in perspective. If I take this book at all seriously, you may not hear from me in the near future or possibly ever again. One of the lessons this book had to offer was that political arguments can do damage to the minds of those you don't even see. Just because you've never met any of the people you converse with, doesn't mean that you haven't done them any harm along the way. I may not know you at all but if my convictions about you are correct, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, than I have played a part in your downward spiral. This is not only inevitable and undeniable but at the same time probably irrelevant to you personally. You play exactly the same role without even know it.

    Another mistake on my part was categorizing you as Fascists in opposition to you calling me a Marxist. That was a reaction both sides are guilty of but also a gross oversimplification of the real dynamic. The problem in this country and many other European countries in the twentieth century wasn't Communism, or Fascism, or any other "isms", it was always tyranny at the root of each downward spiral away from democracy. The political movement each country chose to follow on the path to tyranny wasn't important. The end result of Communism, Fascism, or any authoritarian regime were identical in the end. A loss of human rights, a loss of freedom, a rise in nationalism, and the always present "trade freedoms for security" bargain.

    It really doesn't matter if you take the path of Communism or Fascism, you'll end up in exactly the same place. Once people are promised more security if they just give up on some civil liberties, they are the perfect targets for those who would deliver neither security nor freedom. And freedom is not free as they say. Freedom goes hand-in-hand with responsibility. In other words, you aren't free to be dumb. Any government that doesn't actively work to increase both civil liberties and security, isn't doing the people's work. Any citizen that doesn't recognize their own responsibilities within the framework of those freedoms, is no patriot.

    Evaluate your own motivations and ask yourself if you are doing more harm than good. My motivations are not served by participating in this kind of dysfunctional rhetoric. I know that and maybe one day with much self-reflection, you may come to the same conclusion. Are you really fighting for what you believe in or are you simply a pawn on the path to another democracy failure ushering in the next tyranny? Are you even aware of the part you play? Most aren't.


    P.S. I am unsubscribing from this thread. I will get no notifications if you respond.
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    This is a cop out, Little Joe, and as usual, you leave yourself a backdoor, via your doubletalk.

    How about changing "...unsubscribing from this thread....", to:


    Your mind is already damaged, because of your hateful Ideology of Division. That was and is your choice. You thought you would be the ALFA here, and other members would swoon at your brilliance of self-assumed Bard-like prose. BS.

    You are a Clown, and this latest post of yours I am responding to is additional confirmation of same.

    You don't believe in anything but yourself and your deliberate attempts to incite discord and division among others. I don't know or care who stole your Tonka Toy, or whether or not mommy loved you and daddy was mean.

    You chose to be a disgruntled hateful Clown and set a goal for your own enjoyment of dividing others, in the hope they would then be as miserable as you are.

    I correct myself...you are a pathetic Clown that has no intention of being anything else.

    Good Luck to you? Not from me. I will still have your 3,6,9 and 12 and defend your cowardly existence, as a Fellow member of this Federal Republic. I will uphold and defend your Right to speak freely. However, since you are running away, again, and posting another silly attempt to garner sympathy, known as a FDQE, (F***ing Drama Queen Exit), that is a clear announcement that you will be back.

    I will wait out your pathetic return and your attempt to try again to amaze all with your turtle-like eloquence.

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    The thing is, Little Joe, I know EXACTLY who you are, what you do.

    I also know there is NO DD-214 in your Background.

    You also know that I know, and wonder if I will post anything. No, I won't. I am not you. It is not what I do. Your false utterings and Cancel Culture act is yours alone to defend and contemplate, not mine.

    A favor please, take the man-child FD with you.
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    HERE YAKPOO....HERE YAKPOO....HERE YAKPOO. (read 2 posts up-post #3 and 3rd paragraph from bottom and the last sentence in that paragraph)


    Sheesh, you couldn't find it, really? I think it is a case of my posts are (again) confusing to you, or the alternative not read.
    Either way, no harm no foul.
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    Is this even the same thread? :confused:
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    Win or lose, I love a good debate that gets to the heart of an issue. Marxists can't debate because their ideas are as thin as tissue paper. Race shaming and bullying is all Marists know. Just like BLM...JN runs away when the battle is joined. Didn't JN have a Reddit crowd he was supposed to "unleash" on us? ...(putz).
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    You asked what FDQE means. I have done my duty to assist you. It has nothing to do with the same thread, wherein you asked the question, other than informing you.

    This was my method of getting you to READ and UNDERSTAND the Little Joe sympathy play, because it appears to me you did not read this thread of his, or any replies.

    I fear you are in danger of being deliberately obtuse, or suffering from short term memory loss, or, you are slowly morphing into the new Little Joe.

    (insert whatever meme is preferred here).
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    Lol...but Charlie...that was in a different thread! Do I have to read every thread on PL to understand your acronyms? :D

    Hint: In technical writing (TW), it's customary to define an acronym the first time it's used. That's a TW standard that makes writing much easier for he reader to follow. ;)
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    Never mind.
    Being condescending to cover up your inadequacy for not reading the threads to start with, then acting as if you did, and then starting a BS superiority play with the "even the same thread" nonsense, is enough for me to understand your game is oneupmanship.

    I am not interested in the invitation to play.

    Your lack of knowledge on subjects and method of expression of a person's opinion and the language choices the person employs, does not translate into the other person is stupid. It may mean you are not as familiar and the train of thought expressed confuses you, so your goto is condescension.

    A Hint: FDQE and the equivalent, FDQ (forum drama queen) is among the many many years old well known and frequently used descriptions used on virtually every collector board (and many other boards) to denote the typical drama queen leave brittany alone and I am leaving sympathy rant, and the you guys are mean krap. NGC, PCGS, CGC (all forums) on and on, use it.

    BTW, it is Charley. You get that wrong fairly regularly. No harm, though.
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    I been posting here a while and I have a bit of a different take on the absence of our favorite libs…… Since I been here, those of us whose thought process was more right of center were in the minority here. The typical thread was something along the lines of “Trump Sucks” and an attaboy session of libs slapping each other on the back would ensue.

    Here lately we have had several more conservative thinkers than liberal thinkers on the board and the attaboy sessions have been more in check. And even more recently the cracks in the liberal agendas have been widening and Utopia don’t look quite as shiny as it did in their dreams. As a result, the “Trump sucks” threads have been replaced with threads of substance. Threads that address our current dilemma…… And there is no truly sound response to the crumbling of a great nation at the hands of progressive thinkers……. I think of it like the neighbors window I busted with a baseball as a kid. I ran and hid. And I rather think that is what has taken place here.
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    Well said. ;)

    "White Supremacy" used to mean "a white person who violates the Constitutional rights of others"...(reprehensible). One of the greatest revelations I got from Shelby Steele's "White Guilt" is that "White Supremacy" today has taken on an entirely new definition.

    Today, the U.S. Constitution is presented as "the enshrinement racism". That's what "Systemic Racism" means...and you're considered a "White Supremacist" for supporting Constitutional Law. By this definition, police officers are the ultimate "White Supremacists"...regardless of their race. o_O

    President Trump drove Marxist cockroaches into the light...and now they've declared war on the Constitution. JN and FD are their foot soldiers. In an effort to feel loved, they've adopted an alternate reality that they may truly believe. When their indefensible belief system is "threatened", they have no option but to retreat.
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