Final Thoughts on the 2020 Presidential Election

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JohnHamilton, Nov 7, 2020.

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    I wrote very early in this process that the path to the Whitehouse for Trump, or any other Republican candidate is very narrow. The reason is that the Democrats have the northeastern, the west coast states plus Illinois and Minnesota completely sewn up. The Democrats could nominate a dog for president, and it would win over any Republican candidate.

    Trump lost this election because he did not handle the public relations aspect of the Corona Virus well. He made a lot of the right moves. He called for a short shutdown at the beginning, sent significant aid to New York and other states where the epidemic was at its worst, initiated a program to produce respirators on a crash basis and really pushed hard to get a vaccine into production in record time.

    The mistakes he made were centered on a failure to present a disciplined, pointed and coherent message. He spent too much time giving rambling press conferences. His instincts to get the economy moving and to avoid causing panic with overly dark messaging were good. Unfortunately he over emphasized the last point which made too many voters think that he didn’t take the crisis seriously.

    Biden won this race because he was not Trump. Biden was a lousy candidate who didn’t campaign and simply sat in his bunker. He won’t be able to get away with that as president, but he might be incapable of doing anything else. The man is old and feeble and destined to leave office before his term is up. Perhaps that will prevent him from doing much damage, but it won’t stop the bad people who control him from wreaking havoc on this country. To those who think that AOC and the Squad are just a group of Democrat Party gadflies and outliers, think again. They are the heart and soul of activist Democrat Party. They will be in charge.

    As for the election process, it is seriously flawed. The states are going to have to tighten up their absentee ballot process if they are going to maintain the integrity of the electoral process. They are also going to have to tighten up the ballot counting process. As of now the system is a mess in many states. Any Democrat who thinks that election was fair and honest is either delusional or insincere.

    I think that there are serious questions about the results in Michigan, Georgia and most especially Pennsylvania. The question about “who won” is settled, but the stench lingers. This was not a clean election by a longshot, and state legislatures are going to have to address the issues of absentee balloting and vote counting if we going to hold this country together. Florida learned that lesson in 2000 and cleaned up its act. Other states need to follow suit.

    BUT if those states are controlled by Democrats, chances are they won’t fix the problems.
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    he looks much healthier than Trump and I'm sure much better than you, He also sounds sane and presidential. You need to stop parroting talking points.
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    Let's completely gloss over the fact that Republicans are throwing every allegation of fraud against the wall trying to make something stick with ZERO proof. Their desperation is telling. They lost only because they couldn't tell enough lies and they only were able to convince 70 million zombies that the last four years were absolutely wonderful. Truth has been the major casualty of this administration and the alternative realities painted by this administration are its legacy. The big lie works with just so many people. Apparently so many people equals about 70 million. This has been a sad chapter in our long history of sad chapters.

    If I had to describe the last four years, it would be...

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    I am not parroting anything. That is my observation.

    I saw my mother when she was in mental decline. Biden acts the say way.

    He also barely did any campaigning. I can't think of another nonincumbent presidential candidate in the 20th or 21st centuries who appeared so little in public. The bottom line is he didn’t have the strength to do it.
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    you said he would never show up for the debates then you said he'd fumble. he kicked trump's butt. your next prediction was that biden would step down in 90 days. my, don't you look foolish.

    hey dummy. political rallies in the time of covid are super spreader events. this guy would wipe the floor with you in a debate.
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