First professor: Jill Biden to make history as a first lady with a day job

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    She will be an emissary to teachers unions disgusted with the Trump administration and press policy changes including free community college tuition.\\\

    Jill Biden would scramble into cocktail dresses in a bathroom at Northern Virginia Community College before rushing to White House receptions when her husband was vice president. She graded papers at night in a tiny nook on Air Force Two. Her Secret Service agents dressed like college students and carried backpacks to blend in when she was on campus.

    Now “Dr. B,” as her students call her, plans to continue teaching English and writing at the college when she moves into the White House in January. She will be the first president’s wife to continue her professional career as first lady, after becoming the first second lady to do so. She will also be part of a small group of union members to hold the title, including Eleanor Roosevelt and Nancy Reagan.

    in her memoir. A member of the National Education Association, she is a natural emissary to the teachers unions that aggressively supported President-elect Joe Biden’s bid for president after four years of battling the Trump administration and prior tension with the Obama administration over academic standards, charter schools and testing.

    Over the next couple months, Joe Biden needs to put together a team to help him rebuild a shattered economy, fight a global pandemic and recover from one of the most polarizing elections in U.S. history. Sounds easy, right? POLITICO's Megan Cassella breaks down who is in contention for some of the toughest jobs in the nation.

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    “It would be a real modernizing of the first ladyship ... to have the president’s spouse live the kind of life that the majority of women live, which is working outside the home professionally,” said Ohio University professor Katherine Jellison, who studies first ladies.

    Jill Biden has assured union members that teachers will have a “seat at the table” in a Biden administration, and she said her husband will want to appoint an Education secretary who is an educator with public school experience and who will fight for the right to organize and collectively bargain.

    “Joe knows that the best policies don't come from … politics,” she said during an October fundraiser with NEA members. “They come from educators like us.”

    Jill Biden held several events with teachers unions during the campaign, and NEA President Becky Pringle said she fully expects those conversations to continue, with the first lady working directly with educators and discussing developments throughout the administration.

    “With Joe we get Jill,” Pringle said in an interview before the election. “She understands how we, as a profession, have to have that professional authority and respect to actually do the jobs that we were professionally trained to do.”
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    Yea, the NEA and rest of the teacher’s unions ... what a great bunch of organizations. They come first; the kids come later, if ever.

    As for Jill Biden, she’ll need to use her medical skills to keep old man out of the assisted living facility or the memory care unit.
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    I bet he outlives Trump. and he cleaned his clock in the debates. not sure why you're still babbling trump's bullying BS

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