Fox News implemented vax requirements -- and now '90% of full-time employees are fully vaccinated'

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    Fox News hosts may complain about companies requiring their employees to either get vaccinated or submit to weekly tests -- but their own network has implemented just such a program and it's worked incredibly well.

    CNN's Oliver Darcy has obtained an internal memo from Fox Corporation human resources chief Kevin Lord that claims "90 percent of full-time employees reported they are fully vaccinated" weeks after the company required them to upload their vaccination status into a central data base.

    What's more, the memo says that Fox will introduce "daily" COVID tests for the remaining ten percent of employees who have not been vaccinated, which is essentially the same policy that President Joe Biden is pushing every business with more than 100 employees to adopt.

    An internal Fox News memo obtained by Ad Week last month gave details about how the network planned to get as many of its employees vaccinated as possible ahead of a return to the office.

    Specifically, the memo asked all Fox employees, including those who are working remotely, to upload their vaccination status to a central database, where it will be used for "space planning and contact tracing purposes in conjunction with CDC/state/city health and safety guidelines."

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