Heavy battletanks for Ukraine

Discussion in 'World Events' started by John Kamps, Jan 12, 2023.

  1. John Kamps

    John Kamps Active Member

    Finally seems US/ Germany/ UK/ France will send in heavy tanks to bolster Ukraines Armored Divisions. The German Leopard variants would decimate the Russian T-90s same way their ancestors the Tigers/ Panthers did in 43-45 to T-34s/ JS-2s.......
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  2. freshmeat

    freshmeat Can't touch this

    I wonder Howitzer it's going over there
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  3. John Kamps

    John Kamps Active Member

    So far Russian capabilities were and are over rated. They were expected to completely wipe out Ukraine in a week. Had the West (NATO) sent in the good stuff right away/ the Ukrainians could have pushed the invaders back by May 2022. Some predictions that never materialized....

    Complete Russian takeover by end of Feb. 2022/ well they are in full defense trying to hold onto their occupied territory
    Russian air supremacy/ their airpower was a farce
    Russian Armed forces as invinciable/ well they have NEVER won when fighting alone/ only won in WW2/ having Allies supply them/ lost 25KIA to one.....
    Russian Surface to air missiles capability / about as good as Saddam's scuds
    Russian Command and control/ a joke
    Putin's planning/ more like a bombastic madman

    But man alive their armed forces look good in their so called Victory Parade/ but they can't fight.......vs armed enemy combat soldiers/ only murdering unarmed civilians.
  4. What U ignore

    What U ignore Well-Known Member

    In an ideal world when ANY COUNTRY invaded another, the entire world would react immediately and cut out their cancerous leaders while decimating the country economically and militarily.
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  5. toughcoins

    toughcoins Rarely is the liberal viewpoint tainted by realism

    Too much rehearsal of pageantry, perhaps?
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  6. John Kamps

    John Kamps Active Member

    It is not amazing when seeing their parades/ how much is copied from their foes in WW2? The difference was/ the German Wehrmacht looked good in parades/ but where "Masters of the battlefield" also. Many German POWS fought for France in their "Foreign Legions" in French Indo China. From 1946-54 they routed the Communist Viet-Minh and Chinese forces. In 54 they were released and France lost the War vs the Reds.
  7. charley

    charley Well-Known Member

    Not quite accurate.

    We quickly forget that the U.S., China and Russia financially and materially supported Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh (inclusive of Cochinchina) in the effort to oust Japanese Troops and Imperial Japan influence.

    While the Foreign Legion has some successes in limited geographic areas (due mainly to a previous agreement between the Viet Minh, China and the French), the Legion was no match for the Viet Minh gorilla tactics....due mainly to training by Japanese defectors. Minh was VERY successful in recruiting 100,000 peasants into the Cause, and this doomed any possibility of Foreign Legion victory.

    Truth in editing: added a "R" where appropriate.

    General Giap built the rag tag peasant Army, and was a military genius, among the most noteworthy of the 20th Century. The slap in the face to the French, was that this history scholar turned General had no military experience, and learned by studying Napoleon.

    While German youth adventurers followed a Don Quixote quest of adventure (mainly because they had no where else to go....because Europe, Germany and the Soviet Union was in shambles) in Indochina, we should not over imply their contributions in the First Indochina War.
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  8. Andy

    Andy Well-Known Member

    I’m sorry but this was a conflict that could and should have been avoided. All it is doing is causing the needless deaths of people on both sides that used to consider each other as brothers.
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  9. John Kamps

    John Kamps Active Member

    The Ukrainians did not start this War. The "Criminal Regime" of Vladmir Putin/ after his Moscow "puppet" was overthrown by a democratic revolution in 2014/ seized the Crimea region. Then he sent arms/ soldiers to aid rebels in Luhansk/ Donets to fight the Ukrainian army. In Feb. 24/ 2022 he launched a full scale invasion of the Ukraine. Even sent in Chechen hit squads to assasinate the President/ cabinet. When his "mighty" Russian Army/ Airforce were humiliated on the battlefield. they resorted to killing/ rapeing/ torturing civilians. Then like a canterous toddler he threatened to use nukes vs the West. Putin lied about all his reasons for his invasion/ like that they were under control of a NAZI regime/ that they the Ukrainians loved their Russian brothers. Putin seems to have forgotten how Stalin murdered/ straved 16M Ukraines called "Kulaks" in 1930-34/ how millions more Krim Tartars/ Chechens were deported to Siberian GULAGS in the 40s/ most perished. Russia since 1918 has been ruled by despotic regimes/ way worst then Iran. I hope that the Ukrainians will get Abrams/ Leopards to kick the crap out of Putin's invaders and send them to hell.
  10. Andy

    Andy Well-Known Member

    Stalin was not Russian. He was Georgian. Most communist leaders were actually not Russian.

    I think you have no idea how corrupt western Ukraine is.
    Where is the videos of Russians doing what you said.
    We can see satellite images of any bridge or airbase in Ukraine and Russia but nothing over a major battle zone outside of Kiev.
    That Revolution you speak of was bloody and removed an elected President. Call him puppet but he got Ukraine billions of dollars with having Russia build pipelines into the Ukraine and then Ukraine being in control of the distribution to Europe.

    Most nations outside of Europe and US media blame Ukraine for that village massacre. Latin American TV had film of Ukraine troops moving bodies around to film on ground.A general who opposed it was removed and disappeared. Ukraine media has time and time broadcasted that they will kill collaborates and Ukraines Department of Interior arrest thousands of people who are never seen again.
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  11. John Kamps

    John Kamps Active Member

    If we are going to debate corruption.....
    Russia takes the gold medal! They even cheated in the sporting events/ Olympics!
    Putin is estimated to be worth 1 Trillion US$/ when Yeltsin gave Putin his first job/ after he lost his KGB one/ he was penniless. His wealth was emblezzed from corrupt ex Soviet party bigwigs who seized the Countries assets when the USSR when kaput.
    People who resisted were poisoned/ sent to Siberian GULAGS. One can say the Russian Federation is the worst run economy on the planet. They might be a couple of greedy govt. officials in Zelensyy's cabinet/ that is normal. However Zelensyy is a hero/ a brilliant statesman a beacon of hope for democracy. Putin has many skeletons in his closet. Case #1/ why in the hell would any young Russian male want to work for the KGB? Did he not know that the KGB was a sanitized version of its evil forerunners/ CHEKA/ OGPU/NKVD which murdered/ tortured tens of millions from 1918-53. They also ran the slave camps/ ethnic cleansing depts. Do not forget there are also a few corrupt people in the USA. As for graves of murdered civilians in Kharkiv/ Mauriopol/ Bucha/ why would Ukrainians kill their own? When you look at the USSR 1918-89 that is in their playbook. Also from history. Russia started off as the Duchy of Muscovy in 1450s/ they expanded their territory 100 fold thru aggression/ murder/ rape/ pillaging thry last 600 years. The Ukraine NEVER attacked anyone ever. The Allies should have listened to Patton in 1945 and kept going East to take out Stalin/ and set up a democratic govt. approved by the West.
  12. What U ignore

    What U ignore Well-Known Member

    AGREE! The Allies should have listened to Patton in 1945 and kept going East to take out Stalin/ and set up a democratic govt. approved by the West.

    Ditto China.
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  13. John Kamps

    John Kamps Active Member

    View attachment 5711 Your right about Stalin/ but Georgia was part of the USSR back then. Communism is a virus that infected many after the 1918 Revolution in Russia. Sadly it has now spread to China/ N. Korea/ Cuba/ Venezeula.....
    In 1953 when Uncle Joe finally died/ there were thousands of inmates in GULAGS who wept ( not out of joy) but grief. Even though that monster was responsible for murdering their family members/ imagine how brainwashed they must have been.
    Lev Kaganovich/ Stalins mastermind behind the Ukraine genocide of 1930-34/ boasted to Stalin that he saved on bullets by useing famine as a device for mass murder. When he croaked in 1991 he was not repentant.

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  14. charley

    charley Well-Known Member

    Africa, Southeast Asia...Vietnam, Laos Kampuchea, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Middle East, Germany, France, Spain....enough, or should I continue? OK. US., Italy, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, India....well, you get the point.
    Truth in editing: removed "North Korea", since already stated.
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  15. John Kamps

    John Kamps Active Member

    Thank God that Franco beat the Republicans 1936-39/ the murderous Khymer Rouge also were wiped out. They tried in post WWI Germany/ Austria/ Hungary but were defeated. In Malaya the British destroyed them. Other Countries/ including Canada have Marxist parties but they get less then 1% of the vote.In Africa Marxist dictatorships ruined Ethiopia/ Eritrea/ Somalia/ Zimbabwe. Marxism is a vile ideaology that must be cleansed. Problem is that people do not listen to reason/ Mac Arthur wanted Truman to take out Mao's Red China in 1950/ after they joined North Korea/ Truman blew it.

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