Holes and Lies

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Recusant, Jan 14, 2018.

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    Trump's racist comments and disdain for the struggles of everyday people aren't really news anymore. The latest spewing from his oral sphincter is entirely in character, and unsurprising. It's despicable, but equally despicable is United States senators lying to try to create an alternate narrative. Starting off with "uh, I don't recall him using those words" (weaseling) then when they saw that weaseling wasn't working for them they decided to go with full-on bald faced lying: "He definitely didn't say those words." Do they think they're fooling anybody? These are full grown men in highly responsible positions whose dishonesty is as transparent as any 10 year old's. o_O
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    Integrity was never a republican's strong suit, and they've been losing ever more of it as they try to mitigate the damage trump is doing to their party. Many of the establishment republicans feared a trump Presidency for just that reason, that he would bring them harm, but once he was in power they had no choice but to support him in almost every way, except for the occasional public disagreement with him during some of his more outrageous acts. Still, they have no choice but to go "all in" with him, even if it means following him off a cliff.... and they've done that repeatedly over the last year.

    They made their choice, they already lied so often that it was only a natural progression for them to lie repeatedly for trump, to protect him and their party from harm. That may work well for them with a third of the public, that segment of our society that is just pure shitbag, but the other two thirds are only becoming more determined to end this bullshit.

    It's 2018, and the midterms are coming up quick. Every indication points to the Democrats gaining seats in the House and Senate. All they really need is the Senate, to shut down the republican agenda. Anything more than that is cake lol

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