How do you close an Ignorant liberal's pie hole?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by What U ignore, Mar 17, 2023.

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    Some Facts of Life:

    You cannot play a chess game with a monkey. You cannot have a discussion with a rock.

    Thus, it is pointless to read a post from an ignorant poster, a girlie- man, or most liberal, progressive Marxists and try to respond. They will just spin, dodge, duck, ignore, and post more ignorant nonsense. HOWEVER, there is one thing that you can try....

    Ask a direct question that will expose their ignorance.
    This one has worked many times: Is Joe Biden a liar?

    PS The Biden's got 3 million dollars from a Chinese Energy company. What did the Red Chinese pay for. Glenn Beck just asked this question on the radio: "What does that Red Chinese GREEN ENERGY INVESTMENT Co. do? What expertise in energy do Biden's family have?

    This President's corrupt crime family has been paid (the Big man (JB) gets 10%) to push green energy as he RUINS THE ENERGY PRODUCERS IN OUR COUNTRY out of business with restrictions! OUR #1 GLOBAL ENEMY is behind this move!!!! China is also slowly liquidating American debt while the democrats are spending us into more debt and changing our banking system to ESG.

    Sorry you ignorant rocks: The American frog has been completely cooked by all the ignorant :confused: democrat voters who voted for Biden.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for us to recover - ever. :(
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