How many times has the USA nuked itself?

Discussion in 'World Events' started by PTD, Apr 3, 2013.

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    I was just doing some reading about the nuclear test programs, and was astonished at the number of times we've nuked ourselves.

    Here's one page I found about it

    Just that one program, we nuked ourselves 29 times and killed between 1,000 and 20,000 people.

    I guess North Korea can't do anything worse to us than we've already done to ourselves.
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    Yeah, they used to have soldiers stationed at various points from nuclear tests...even the scientists performing early tests didn't understand the dangers they were putting themselves in until people started dying. Then there's the fallout that rained on the country after each test, especially on the "breadbasket" of America, which virtually ensured that most Americans were exposed to one degree or another.

    America has done it's tests and learned those realities the hard way, but other countries didn't get the France. They were not satisfied with the information we shared with them and conducted their own tests despite the dangers.

    I used to accept that nuclear energy was necessary to keep up with our increasing energy needs, but after 3-mile Island I took a closer look and, over time, understood the stupidity of attempting to harness it for our energy needs. I have researched the designs used and all fail my criteria for reasonable safety, notably the lack of redundant emergency supplies of water to the cores as well as containment of that water in an emergency (as Fukushima demonstrated).

    Bikini is also another well-documented area that was used for those early tests and the islands remains uninhabitable. At the time of those tests, they had little knowledge of the effects of radiation on living tissue. They set off nukes underwater with obsolete ships surrounding the site at various distances away to see what kind of damage a fleet would sustain. Afterwards they boarded those ships to get a closer look, exposing themselves to lethal doses. They used salt water pumped from the radiated water to scrub down the decks of their ships, irradiating themselves even more.

    At this point I know that nuclear energy will only cause ourselves further harm, but it's championed by some as the best solution to our energy needs. They didn't get the memo either lol

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