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  1. Aidan Work

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    I agree with where Islamic-coins is coming from.Those who are engaging in serious human rights abuses & claiming to be Muslims are not true Muslims.I have friends who are Muslims from the Somali community.They know that Osama bin Laden & his kind are not true Muslims,& bin Laden's pals deserve nothing but being put to death.

  2. mamooney

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    These true Muslims should speak up if that is truly the case. I don't feel I am seeing that happening. Why don't the government of Islamic nations speak up as well and use their powers and money to stop thes "non-muslim" radicals from defaming them, Allah, and Islam.
  3. Aidan Work

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    Mamooney,quite a few Islamic leaders have already spoken out against terrorism,especially the Islamic leaders in the U.K..The son of the last Shah of Iran has also spoken out on a human rights platform,especially condemning the 'Islamic Republic' of Iran.

  4. Moen1305

    Moen1305 Not Republican!

    In that case it follows that Christians or Western powers that hurt any innocent civilians anywhere in the world are not really Christians or Western powers. We don't know who they are but they certainly aren't us. I like this Islamic logic! Nobody can do anything wrong now.
  5. Islamic-coins

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    You guys are completly brain-washed into believing we muslims live in barbaric repressive states ! this is nonesense and ver far from the truth.

    We have atheists in the middle east who speak up their mind all the time without problem !

    Look at your own societies first, how many WESTERN ACADEMICS are now in jail for denying the holocaust ?
  6. Islamic-coins

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    No, he does not have any right to insult MY faith, nor do I have the right to insult anyone's faith. Just because you live in godless morally corrupt socieites does not give you the right to insult others faith.

    Our clerics are NOT inciting hatred, this is pure BS, if there are some lunatics who are very few does not mean ALL our clerics are doing that.

    Would the welsh like it if someone came to Cardif and start burning the welsh flag and start telling you are sheep ***** ???
  7. Islamic-coins

    Islamic-coins New Member

  8. Islamic-coins

    Islamic-coins New Member

    Bush has killed more than 200,000 muslims in Iraq, can I blame ALL americans for his crime ?? of course not.
  9. Islamic-coins

    Islamic-coins New Member

    I am sick and tired of 'condeming' !! come on, why you dont ask every catholic in the world to condemn the peadophilia in the church ?

    Why you dont ask every jew in the world to condemn the barbaric atrocities carried out by the jews against the palestineans in Palestine ??
  10. Midas

    Midas New Member

    Here's a thought...

    You may have to walk through your local mosque (terrorist meeting) with pig's blood soaked shoes...hey, if its the only way to disrupt a jihad meeting, you do what you have to do!

    Next you photograph, finger-print, and DNA sample all of those muslims to keep tabs on their jihad movement.

    If they behave themselves like good little towel head muslims, fine...but if they even look at us infidels the wrong way, TAKE THEM OUT.

    Us or them...the world was fine until this religion that started with the sword is now living and dying by the sword. See how they view non-muslims...

  11. De Orc

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    LOL so far we have not burnt your flag nor accused you of having improber relations with sheep (Even though a sheep tetherd in a welsh village is known as a leisure center LOL) But your people regularly burn the Union Flag along with that of anyone else they dislike at the time :) Now you asked what right Rushdie had, well under UK law he had every right, do I agree with Insulting anothers Religion the answer to that is no but I would not condem someone to death for it, nor would I call for the death sentence to be imposed on someone who converted to Islam (unlike the poor sod in Afhganistan recently) I have not heard of a single Catholic or Protestant or Jewish member of the uk clergy calling for the death of Muslims but I have heard Muslim clerics calling for the death of non belivers and as I have heard this personaly you can deny it all you want and by the way I never said all clerics, those were your words.
    Oh and by the way I want our troops out of Iraq today and have been advocating it for quite some time in these forums, let a Arab peace keeping force go in and then we would see how the bombers were terrorists were delt with or better still reinstate Sadam he scared the crap out of them all. For years I watched demos about how bad Saddam was and why were the west allowing him to kill so many innocents well look at what happens when we do what you wanted LOL the only happy folks are the Kurds :D

    Have a nice life

    De Orc :D
  12. OldDan

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    What you are not taking into consideration is that 199,999 of these muslims were put away by my request. I'll take the credit and the blame if that is what you are looking for.:thumb:
  13. budgood

    budgood New Member

    And No you cant blame ALL Americans & niether can you blame Bush

    The House voted 296-133 to give Bush the authority to use U.S. military force to make Iraq comply with U.N. resolutions requiring it to give up weapons of mass destruction. Across the Capitol, a companion measure cleared a procedural vote by a wide margin earlier

    And why dont you take a look at this alone-and this is just the Kurds-

    Under Saddam’s rule, Iraq’s Kurdish
    communities have experienced terrible suffering.
    Documents captured by the Kurds during the
    Gulf War and handed over to the nongovernmental
    organisation Human Rights Watch
    provided much information about Saddam’s
    persecution of the Kurds. They detail the arrest
    and execution in 1983 of 8,000 Kurdish
    males aged 13 and upwards.
    Amnesty International in 1985 drew attention
    to reports of hundreds more dead and
    missing, including the disappearance of 300
    Kurdish children arrested in Sulaimaniya, of
    whom some were tortured and three died in
    In 1988, Iraqi government forces systematically
    razed Kurdish villages and killed civilians.
    Amnesty International estimates that over
    100,000 Kurds were killed or disappeared during
    1987-1988, in an operation known as the Anfal
    campaigns, to quell Kurdish insurgency and
    The campaign included the use of chemical
    weapons. According to Human Rights Watch, a
    single attack on the Kurdish town of Halabja
    killed up to 5,000 civilians and injured some
    10,000 more.
    Ali Hasan al
  14. budgood

    budgood New Member

    10 commandments for Muslims

    1.Thou shall not have westophobia. The west is not plotting against Islam, they don’t give a hoot about your religion nor the religion of this old Hindu man walking in downtown Calcutta, India. The West is busy with far more important things.

    2.Thou shall remember that millions of Muslims in Europe have far more rights than non-Muslims in Arab/Muslim lands (for more info, contact the Christian villagers of el-Udaysaat) So quit playing the victim here. I simply don’t buy it.

    3.Thou shall understand that the West is a pool of ideas and people. In the west you will find: Non-muslims who love Islam (Karen Armstrong and Prince Charles), non-Muslims who hate Islam (J-Posten and Oriana Fallaci), converts to Islam who love Islam (Murad Huffman, Roge Garoudi), converts out of Islam who hate Islam (Hirshi Ali and Ibn Warraq). So for heaven’s sake, you can’t paint the West with one brush.

    4.Thou shall understand that the West gets their info on Islam not from your preaching nor from the books you translate to them but from your actions.

    5.Thou shall riot and protest when Muslims kill other Muslims (for more info, contact the Shia families of Iraq and Darfur Sudanese)

    6.Thou shall try to riot and protest when Muslims kill non-Muslims. If that’s not possible, at least try to do commandment 5.

    7.Thou shall NOT riot over cartoons published 4 months ago. Try to riot over cartoons published 2 months ago. At least it might make more sense that way.

    8.Thou shall not boycott an entire nation because a single newspaper, TV channel, radio station, politician, actor, actress, etc, etc, in that nation said or wrote or drew something that offended you. Why? Because its stupid and childish to do so and it further hurts your image.

    9.Thou shall incorporate the values of liberal democracy. The Catholics of Italy, the Anglicans of England, the Buddhists of Korea, and the Shintos of Japan have done so. I don’t see a reason why you can’t do so as well.

    10.Your leaders should know that what was OK in the year 706 might not be OK in the year 2006. I won’t get upset if you changed a few things in the laws and regulations as long as you continue to profess faith in me, pray to me, fast during Ramadan, give alms, and perform Hajj if you’re capable of doing so.
  15. Krasnaya Vityaz

    Krasnaya Vityaz Разом нас багато

    Belief in a "God" has wrought more destruction at the hands of humanity than any natural disasters etc. People created "God" or "Gods" or cults of personality to give themselves a superiority over others.
  16. OldDan

    OldDan New Member

    Do you really believe this?:confused:
  17. Islamic-coins

    Islamic-coins New Member

    Coming from godless communit, no wonder your brain is filled with such BS

    How many innocent people your Gods, STALIN and LENIN killed ???
  18. Moen1305

    Moen1305 Not Republican!

    You know Is-lamb, emphasis on the Lamb, not every suicide bomber can be justfied by past tragedies, not every jihad can be justified by past wars, not every act of Muslim barbarism can be justified by past atrocities, not every Muslim that died in the past is avenged by the death of a non-Muslim today. Oh yeah, except in your mind. A pathetic demonstration of the tolerance and love you keep insisting exists in your religion and none of the rest of us seems to be able to see. I do believe that there are plenty of good Muslims in the world but I do not believe you are one of them.
  19. Andy

    Andy Well-Known Member

    "Brian O’Connor, a Christian Indian national aged 36, was allegedly beaten severely by the religious police following his arrest in March in Riyadh, reportedly for possessing a bible and other Christian literature."

    "Flogged and Deported
    What you can do to help persecuted Christians in Saudi Arabia.
    By Jeff M. Sellers | posted 05/07/2002
    Saudi Arabian authorities on January 28 lashed three Ethiopian Christians 80 times each with a flexible metal cable in front of more than 1,000 detainees. The three Christians (whom authorities were about to deport because of their faith) smuggled a letter out of the Bremen Deportation Prison in Jeddah to describe their treatment. Officials beat and kicked them before suspending them with chains and flogging them, and Saudi authorities denied them medical care for back wounds.
    "Our bodies are wounded, swollen, terribly bruised, and with great pain," Baharu Mengistu, Tinsaie Gizachew, and Gebeyehu Tefera wrote to Washington, D.C.–based International Christian Concern and other agencies.
    "Baharu's kidney may have been damaged, and he is passing blood with his urine," they wrote. "When we reported to the prison hospital for treatment, we were slapped and told to come back after we were dead. It seems as if we were brought [here] to be tortured and tormented to death."
    Mengistu received limited medical care two days later. Authorities deported him on February 2, according to Middle East Concern (MEC) of Loughborough, United Kingdom.
    Saudi officials arrested the three Ethiopians and 11 other foreign workers last summer. At press time most of them had been deported. Authorities never formally charged them with wrongdoing.
    Ministry of Interior officials began rounding up the 14 house-church leaders after a citizen complained about foreign Christians renting a public hall for a farewell party on June 2.
    Saudi Arabia prohibits public worship by members of faiths other than Sunni Islam."

    Saudia Arabia is suppose to be your holy nation yet they treat other people with different beliefs as if they were the devil by acting like devils. How is this enlightenment?
  20. Islamic-coins

    Islamic-coins New Member

    Shots Fired Into Maryland Mosque
    CAIR asks FBI to investigate possible bias motive

    (WASHINGTON, DC, 4/28/2006) - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today asked the FBI to investigate a possible bias motive for shots being fired into a Maryland mosque.

    Local and state law enforcement authorities say shots were fired Thursday into the Islamic Center of Delmarva in Salisbury, Md. One person was reportedly inside the building at the time of the shooting but was not injured. Police are asking anyone with information about the incident to call (410) 548-1776.

    FBI Asked to Look Into Vandalism at Muslim Home as Hate Crime(AP)

    CAIR will soon release its annual report on the status of American Muslim civil rights.

    The Washington-based group is urging Muslim individuals and institutions nationwide to review security procedures using advice contained in CAIR's "Muslim Community Safety Kit." That kit may be obtained free of charge by e-mailing:

    TO HELP THE OPPRESSED MUSLIMS IN AMERICA, CONTACT: CAIR Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper, 202-488-8787 or 202-744-7726, E-Mail:; CAIR Communications Coordinator Rabiah Ahmed, 202-488-8787 or 202-439-1441, E-Mail:

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