I'm reading the Mueller Report

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CoinBlazer, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. CoinBlazer

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    So I bought this version of the Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election. Yes thats the official name of it. :)

    So I'm not going to say that I will read this cover to cover, because I won't. I bought it for reference in the future for construction of my debate cases if the topic is relevant, and to get a generalized overview of the report. Most people would tell me I'm late to the party, that the "Russia thing" is old news however, I am still in belief that this was just a fraction of a broader investigation. The report itself states that some evidence collected in the creation of the report was transferred to other agencies and commissions to be further explored and investigated, oh and just to think about it, the FISA abusues report will be coming out in the next few weeks too" so the media may be done with it, but the party isn't over yet!!! Cheerio!
  2. JoeNation

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    Good for you. Most people won't read it or even listen to a reading of it. It by no means exonerates Trump of any wrong doing.
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  3. JohnHamilton

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    It is interesting that the introduction was written by Alan Dershowitz, who has stated that there is no evidence for impeachment.
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  4. CoinBlazer

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    In the introduction, he claims that their shouldn't have been a Special Counsel but rather an exploratory commission.

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