Iowa Caucus Disaster

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    I cannot believe my ears. I heard two different democratic pundits offer two of the most outrageous reasons for the Iowa caucus debacle.
    1. Russian Interference
    2. Racial Inequality!!!!!
    I mean, I am fully aware that we live in an age where accepting personal responsibility for ones failures is exceedingly rare. But seriously?? And I keep hearing that Republicans are touted as being off their rockers??? We have truly bought the farm here. The loonies really are now running the show and it scares the pants off me. What has happened to common sense and simple integrity? I think I am gonna be sick....
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    I was wondering how long it would before the Democrats would claim Russian interference. Maybe another of these “perceptive commentators” will the Ukraine to the list and find a way to blame Trump.

    These people are no different from what Joe McCarthy was in the 1950s. If they can’t get real evidence support their outrageous claims, they invent it. “The Russians” are responsible for everything, and Trump is the tool of the Russians. It’s one of the big lies that keep them going. It also keeps them from examining their own flaws and failures.

    The caucus system is flawed and needs to go. What is wrong with a primary vote? It is quick, much easier and supports wider citizen participation.
  3. JoeNation

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    Turns out it was just Republicans. But you'll have to excuse these alleged democratic pundits for mistaking Russians for Republicans. It IS getting really hard to tell the difference these days.

    By Ben Collins, Maura Barrett and Vaughn Hillyard

    The phone number to report Iowa caucus results was posted on a fringe internet message board on Monday night along with encouragement to “clog the lines,” an indication that jammed phone lines that left some caucus managers on hold for hours may have in part been due to prank calls.

    An Iowa Democratic Party official said the influx of calls to the reporting hotline included “supporters of President Trump who called to express their displeasure with the Democratic Party.” The party official’s comments were first reported late Wednesday by Bloomberg News.

    Users on a politics-focused section of the fringe 4chan message board repeatedly posted the phone number for the Iowa Democratic Party, which was found by a simple Google search, both as screenshots and in plain text, alongside instructions.

    "They have to call in the results now. Very long hold times being reported. Phone line being clogged," one user posted at about 11 p.m. ET on Monday, three hours after the caucuses began.

    "Uh oh how unfortunate it would be for a bunch of mischief makers to start clogging the lines," responded another anonymous user, sarcastically.

    Some users chimed in, posting alleged wait times on hold, imploring others to “clog the lines [and] make the call lads.”

    Rob Sand, state auditor of Iowa, said he took results calls on Monday night as a volunteer and received an influx of calls that appeared to have been generated by a post on the internet.

    “A lot of calls came in at a certain point where it was clear somebody had published the hotline number somewhere,” Sand said.

    He cautioned that he could not speak for other people who were taking calls and said he did not get any calls that said they were from Trump supporters. He added that the system prevented people from reporting fake results.

    He also said he was able to identify fake calls quickly.

    “If I picked up the phone and it was clear after the first handful of words that someone was not calling to report the results, I just hung up,” Sand said.

    Mandy McClure, communications director for the Iowa Democratic Party, confirmed that the hotline received “an unusually high volume of inbound phone calls to its caucus hotline, including supporters of President Trump.”


    What led to the breakdown of the Iowa caucus app?
    FEB. 5, 202004:04
    “The unexplained, and at times hostile, calls contributed to the delay in the Iowa Democratic Party’s collection of results, but in no way affected the integrity of information gathered or the accuracy of data sets reported,” McClure said in a statement.

    The telephone reporting problems added to other issues, notably a smartphone app that did not work for some people and that also had a coding problem that prevented results from being reported properly, pushing more caucus volunteers to the phone lines.

    Iowa Democratic Party officials said that party staff members and volunteers flagged and subsequently blocked repeat callers who appeared to be reaching out in an attempt to interfere with their reporting duties. These included callers who would hang up immediately after being connected and callers who expressed support for Trump and displeasure with the Democratic Party.

    It’s unclear how many prank calls the party received or how much they contributed to wait times. Some calls came from Iowans looking to confirm details of their evening’s caucus, party officials said.

    The party has not responded to requests for information on how many individuals were manning the phone lines on Monday night.

    “We don’t know anything about this, but perhaps Democrats should consider using an app that works," communications director Tim Murtaugh said. "It's laughable that they would try to blame Trump for their own incompetence."

    Several officials at caucuses attended by NBC News reporters struggled with lengthy hold times that made it impossible for them to report results.

    4chan, which hosts an anonymous and often extremist politics board called /pol/ whose users have largely supported Trump since 2015, is known for extensive online political trolling and targeted harassment campaigns.

    On debate nights, 4chan users often direct one another to swarm and manipulate specific online polls on other websites with repeat votes, a practice known as “brigading” in online communities. The polls would then be used by politicians and partisan websites to claim shocking upsets.

    Users on 4chan are anonymous, and usernames are randomly generated with each new thread.

    Some users on 4chan pushed back against users claiming to spam phone lines on Monday night. One user said he didn’t want other trolls “making us the scapegoat for the DNC.”

    “I can’t wait for the news headlines saying nefarious trolls ruined the caucus,” another added.

    Two precinct chairs said they were unaware of any interference with the hotline and doubted it made much of an impact.

    “I wouldn’t blame the Republicans,” said Tom Courtney, co-chair of the Des Moines County Democratic Party and a precinct chair. “I’d love to blame the Republicans and the Trumpers, but I don’t know.”

    Mike Carberry, chair for a precinct in Iowa City, also said he doubted prank calls were the primary reason for long wait times.

    “I’m sure that they got some calls, but those could be sorted through relatively quickly,” he said.

    Another hotline staffer who asked to remain anonymous said they were aware of the prank calls but that they were not the main reason that results were delayed.

    “It was definitely a problem,” the staffer said. “But it was definitely not the reason that results were a mess.”
  4. JohnHamilton

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    The source is Bloomberg News ...

    A company owned and run by a man who is running for president.

    But there is no reason to be skeptical at all. :p

    Joe will believe any story that is negative about the Republicans.
  5. JoeNation

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    But you trust Trump? I guess we know where that 1 in 5 comes from.

    Less than 1 in 5 trust Trump to tell the truth, poll shows
    The latest USC Dornsife/LA Times poll, overseen by the new Center for the Political Future at USC Dornsife, also finds that Democrats have an edge over Republicans in a generic U.S. House matchup in the runup to the midterm elections, and that Democrats say news coverage of President Trump motivates them to vote.
  6. JohnHamilton

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    Once more it's poll conducted by Democrats. Unreliable.

    Maybe someday you will read enough to be able to able to discuss real issues like jobs and wages. In the mean time you can keep smoking the Democrat crack that has infested your brain.
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  8. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    What does infeased mean? You know this forum has spell check for the witless right? Use it.
  9. JohnHamilton

    JohnHamilton Well-Known Member

    Joe, nothing you post is credible.

    You Democrats are children. When you screw up, you blame it on someone else.

    Why don't you spend your time looking at the real issues and learning some economic theory? The reason is that's dry hole for you because Trump as done so well with the economy.

    All you can do is make up stories and push conspiracy theories. It’s all you and your Democrat friends have done for three years.

    You got the majority in Congress because your candidates ran on getting things done. Instead you spend all of your time on hating Trump and pushing impeachment.

    As long you continue down this road, you have got nothing. You are like the British Labor Party of years ago that spent years wondering in wilderness. They are back there wondering in the desert again reading Karl Marx and thinking that he knew anything about economics. He didn’t.
  10. Mopar Dude

    Mopar Dude Well-Known Member

    A-ha!!! Trump was behind it!! I shoulda known.
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  11. SmalltownMN

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    @JoeNation , do you have any views and opinions of your own on any of these subjects or do you strictly rely on biased media sources and silly pictures?

    I read the news daily in CNN and Fox News. The last few days CNN has actually been reporting some actual news other than pissing their pants about everything Trump. Perhaps some of these media outlets are waking up, though I will not hold my breath. I am starting to notice a trend as well of more Democrats calling out their own party. I think more and more will begin to realize that if things don't change fast, Trump will be our President for another term.

    To stay on subject to the OP, the Iowa caucus issue sounds like it didn't need much help from the, Republican pranksters to be a shambles any with the app not working as it should and the precincts mathematical errors.
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  12. JoeNation

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  13. JohnHamilton

    JohnHamilton Well-Known Member

    Another canned response from the resident hate machine and Democrat toady.

    He's really running up the white flag when he posts responses like this. It means he has run out of ideas, just like the leaders of his beloved Democrat Party. If our repsonses were made of paper, he'd be ripping the apart, just like Nancy Pelosi.
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  14. JoeNation

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    OK a trip down memory lane...

    On today's BradCast: With media reports on Thursday that online "Trump trolls" were making hundreds of calls to tie up the Iowa Democratic Party's results hotline after Monday's Caucuses in order to hold up results and embarrass Democrats, we're joined for an exclusive interview today with someone who knows a thing or two about such plots. [Audio link to show is posted below.]

    In 2002, ALLEN RAYMOND, a then decade-long Republican operativeand owner of a GOP phone-bank company, was hired to lead a scheme to tie up the Democratic Get Out the Vote phone lines during that year's very tight New Hampshire U.S. Senate race between Republican John Sununu and the state's then-Governor, Democrat Jeanne Shaheen. The now-infamous scandal, which included thousands of automated phone calls to prevent Dems from carrying out their GOTV phone-banking effort, ended with a narrow win by Sununu that year. But the scheme was uncovered and four GOP operatives, were eventually convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, taking party in the RNC-funded effort. Raymond was one of them. He pleaded guilty and ended up serving 3 months in federal prison. In 2008, the contrite former operative published a book about that exploit and others during his time as a senior consultant to the Party called How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative.

    Raymond joins us today to discuss the 2002 plot in NH, how it came about, and what was behind it, as well as to offer his thoughts about what we should know regarding whatever may have happened to the Democratic Party's hotline on Monday night in Iowa. He is skeptical about whether a few "trolls" on a popular rightwing Internet message board could effectively tie up enough lines to create the kind of chaos that ensued in Iowa, suggesting that its possible the scheme may be larger than currently reported.

    "That takes a fairly sustained, collaborated, concerted effort," he explains. "So the question it raises in my mind is, can that happen organically?" Without making any allegations, he is calling for an immediate law enforcement investigation which he says should be able to quickly uncover the source of the phone harassment, the same felony for which he pleaded guilty to years ago in the RNC's NH scheme. "It raises enough suspicion of a coordinated effort that it's worth looking at."

    It wouldn't be the first time in even recent months that an emboldened RNC has carried out a similar phone scheme against Democrats. As the New York Times reported last November, Republicans attempted to swamp Congressional Democratic phone lines with thousands of automated calls during the early stages of Donald Trump's impeachment inquiry.

    Raymond also shares his thoughts on what has become of the Republican Party in recent years since he was thrown under the bus when the NH plot was uncovered (he is now a registered Democrat); how he and other political operatives justify such dirty tricks and/or illegalities when taking these kind of unsavory and/or unlawful actions in order to win elections; and what American voters should be concerned about as the 2020 election progresses under a Republican Party headed by a vengeful, recently-impeached President.

    "This phone disruption effort occurring in the very first contest of the presidential nominating process leading up to November's general election, should be reason enough" to be concerned, he tells me. "If it's happening on the first one, and nothing's done, we're sending a signal that this is the new norm, it's okay, that you will not be punished or prosecuted for this kind of conduct. That's why, at minimum, an aggressive investigation should occur to determine what exactly happened, for the purposes of protecting against the same conduct in the future. Because by not prosecuting, by not investigating, the signal is being sent: 'Hey, we all agree that that stinks but that's okay, go ahead and do it because law enforcement is not going to come knocking on your door.'"

    "A republic's center of gravity is its electoral process," Raymond warns. "And if our electoral process is compromised -- whether it be from domestic actors or foreign actors -- that's reason enough to do whatever you can to protect it."

    Please tune in for this full, fascinating conversation with someone who has quite a bit of insight on many aspects of all of these matters.

    Also on today's show: With the New Hampshire primary days away, AP announces that the chaotic results of Monday in Iowa will prevent them from calling a winner in the Democratic Caucuses, but that doesn't stop us from doing so; Antarctica hits an all-time record 65 degrees, underscoring, yet again, the need to replace a President who is a menace not only to the country's future, but to the entire planet's; Trump firespatriotic Iraq War vet and National Security Counsel Ukraine expert Lt. Col. Alex Vindman and his million-dollar donor EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland for testifying truthfully during the U.S. House Impeachment inquiry; and Steven Colbert has a few thoughts about Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT)'s courage and unprecedented vote against Trump in this past week's Senate Impeachment trial..
  15. JohnHamilton

    JohnHamilton Well-Known Member

    If this story were true the main stream news media would be harping on it every night. It's just one more example of the lies you spread to coverup the short comings of you Democrat Party which wants to control everyone's lives. They can't even run their own party.
  16. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    So the cult-like behavior of only believing whatever Trump tells you prevails as usual. You don't have to take my word. It is easily searchable for those that aren't willfully ingorant.
  17. Mopar Dude

    Mopar Dude Well-Known Member

    • It's easy to overlook your kid staying out past curfew if he/she is on the honor roll.
    • It's easy to overlook a 2000 calorie meal when the gravy is so dog gonned good.
    • It's easy to overlook an employees less than stellar attendance record when their sales are double everybody else's.
    There are things I don't care for in our current president. I have said them here before. But people are working and gas is cheap. And that truly is what matters to most working American's. It isn't Trump-cult. It's the welcomed change of a little prosperity in our lives.
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  18. JohnHamilton

    JohnHamilton Well-Known Member

    No, I don't believe every word that Trump says, but I do believe in capitalism and freedom. There are no alternatives to Trump because your party has become an authoritarian political organization that will stop at nothing to gain power.

    You don’t care of if you bankrupt the country with open borders, sanctuary cities, free health, free collage tuition and an unlimited welfare state. You know that scenario is not sustainable, but you won’t even address the issue. Those policies are the path that you perceive to gaining political power and then ending democracy and freedom in this country.

    You just bellow and bully and insult and lie the decent people who have played by the rules, worked hard and saved. To you and your party we are pawns who are ripe for the picking.

    You have no respect of us, only contempt. That’s why I found your positions totally distasteful. You are a dangerous hate filled demagogue. You have continued with your lies and distortions for three years. The time for treating you and your kind with civility as passed.

    You are evil, and you are proud of it. You are a reflection of the leadership of your party. You are not going to fool me with your garbage, and I hope that your party gets what it deserves in November.
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  19. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    Willful ignorance is your special power.
  20. SmalltownMN

    SmalltownMN Active Member

    I'm not so sure that it's JohnHamilton that has his head in the sand.

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