Is It Time For Searches Based On Profiling?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mopar Dude, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. Mopar Dude

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    Last month my sister flew in to visit me. If you looked up an image of a wholesome church lady living in a farm in Oklahoma... You would see my sister. She was randomly “cavity searched” when she flew back home last month. No joke.

    I fly regularly for business and I don’t mind saying that when I see a person that appears middle eastern go through the TSA line without an eyebrow raised, I do feel a bit uncomfortable.

    Friday we had two Saudi men get onto a military base where firearms are not allowed. They were not searched and as a result they took American servicemen’s lives in what appears to be a terror attack. This seems to be a trend. A few weeks back a known terrorist attacked randomly on a UK bridge. And he was a known terrorist! Kids are being shot at rock concerts for heavens sakes.

    I don’t think we need to go to the extremes we did in the 1940’s with people of Japanese heritage, but isn’t it time that we set sensitivity aside and look a little closer at the folks in burkas and a little less at the church ladies at our airports and other potential high value terrorist targets? I know this appears insensitive but dang... What we are doing now is not working.
  2. JoeNation

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    Except that the vast, vast, vast majority of terrorism in this country is perpetrated by.......wait for it........wait for it......White men. If we are going to profile anyone, we should randomly search every white male in the country every time they get on an airplane, buy a gun, set foot in a Walmart, or enter a school.

    This Saudi citizen was invited by our government for training so that he could return to his home country with the military skills to defend a country that happens to be one of the biggest terrorists regimes on the planet. The Saudis are corrupt, elitist, religious fanatics and a poor choice of allies. They openly murdered an American journalist and lied with no consequences from us. The Saudis are not our friends.

    Profiling is not the answer. It only creates more terrorists when we should be building relationships that would help build trust between us and other cultures. Think about it. If I hate being profiled, do you think I'm going to be more willing or less willing to help the people profiling me by helping them identify possible terrorists?
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  3. Mopar Dude

    Mopar Dude Well-Known Member

    Joe, I do not disagree. In fact the mentally imbalanced white men are perpetrators of some of the most hideous murder sprees we have seen in recent years. Sadly, we will likely have mentally imbalanced folks among us until we as a nation choose to address that problem as aggressively as we address the influx of drugs into our neighborhoods.

    Thing is, we as a nation are at war with an ideology. I don’t know that we have any real experience dealing with an aggressor of this nature. It Is not a nation and it recognizes no borders. How can you contain and defeat an enemy like that?..... I saw a piece a while back about those that address safety on Israel’s airlines. I remember the gist of the thing was that they very outwardly profiled airline passengers and were very pleased with their results.

    Here we are entering the season where folks like me want to fly grandkids in for a visit. I don’t want to feel apprehensive about that. Perhaps I am overreacting, but it just seems to me that what we are doing to protect our own ain’t getting the job done.
  4. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    It isn't the case that these mass shootings are being carried out by mentally ill people. Quite the contrary, they have one thing in common with terrorists that kill people for religiously inspired ideals. They both kill out of warped ideologies. Many other countries have the same numbers of people with mental health issues that have nowhere near the mass shooting we do. It can't just be mental illness.

    I agree that there is an ideology at the root of the majority of these mass shooting and it isn't an Islamic ideology. Look at the Synagogues that have been the sites of mass shootings. Look at the black churches that have had mass shootings. Look at Charlottesville. Look at the Pulse Night club in Florida. Look at the Gilroy California shooting. Look at the El Paso Texas Walmart shooting. Look at the Thousand Oaks shooting at a country western bar by an ex-Marine. Look at the Las Vegas Shooting at a country music festival. None of the these mass killings were from Islamic extremists. Who should we really be profiling?

    If you really ever want to be safer, take weapons off war off of the city streets. Small arms, hunting rifles can also kill but not nearly as many as assault weapons. There is no reason to have these types of weapons floating around in society.

  5. CoinBlazer

    CoinBlazer de omnibus dubitandum

    It has finally been said. For the months of my participation here, the Second Amendment has rarely been mentioned, maybe its time we do discuss it...
  6. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    It's really is not about the SA. It's has more to do with gun manufacturers profits. They weren't satisfied selling hunting rifles and revolvers. They created a market for high-powered assault weapons and then turned the Supreme Court in their favor to make it legal to sell these weapons of war and look where we are today. Cha-Ching $$$$$$$$
  7. Mopar Dude

    Mopar Dude Well-Known Member

    I don’t mind opening that door. Fact is, Joe does have a point about assault rifles. They have no purpose other than to maim a human body. I happen to own one. My son hand built it for me to be the rifle I carried during my Army years. I love it and am well versed in its usage. I am also a trained conceal carry firearm owner...... The second amendment is an important freedom. It is there for our protection and it doesn’t discriminate on the type of firearms a person should own. But here’s the deal..... Bad guys do not care about firearm laws. That’s what makes them bad guys. When that bad guy does walk into the Walmart that you and your family are shopping in. Would you rather have a trained firearms carrier like myself in the store that would face the danger? Or would you prefer to take your own chances unarmed?
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  8. Mopar Dude

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    As a very odd aside....... The young man that took the lives of nine worshipers in a Charleston church in 2015 just happened to call my city his home. As an even further odd coincidence, a young mother in our church coincidentally has the same name as that young man's mother. And for the trifecta of really weird coincidences, that young mother also has a very young son who was named Dylan Roof, the same name as the killer....... Well, as folks do, people from around the nation happened to home in our our churches Facebook page which at the time showed various photos replete with families commenting on theirs and their kids activities. These folks that found those names on our churches Facebook page began sending death threats to this young mother AND OUR CHURCH!!....... Needless to say, we do not have ANY personal information on our churches Facebook page any longer.... And the lesson is, do not post personal information on any public forum. You just never know.
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  9. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    Interesting. You know what they say... "Some people take no mental exercise apart from jumping to conclusions."

    With the prevalence of shootings that take place today, I pray that the next shooter isn't named, Lord Philip Montabon III The Divine, else I am dead.
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