Israel health minister, who claims coronavirus is ‘divine punishment’ for homosexuality, tests posit

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    Yaakov Litzman, health minister for Israel, has tested positive for COVID-19 after just last month saying that the virus was “punishment” for homosexuality.

    According to The Times of Israel, Litzman, 71, has been accused of violating his own ministry’s guidelines on social distancing in order to continue to attend prayer services.

    As well as being Israel’s health minister, he also leads the ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism party and witnesses said he was seen praying at the home of another member of his sect three days after indoor services were banned.

    His own department’s guidelines became stricter, barring prayer services altogether, but Litzman was later seen attending a service at a synagogue near his home.

    He and his wife Chava have now contracted COVID-19, and as a result of recent contact with him, Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and several other top government officials have been forced to self-isolate for 15 days.

    His office has denied all accusations that Litzman broke his own social distancing rules.
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    The best thing religion can during during times like this is give people comfort and hope. The worst thing they can due is give us a dose of this “vengeful God” nonsense. When you think about it, a religious leader who does that has more than his share of hubris.
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    So is this intended to be a judgement on all people that seek divine inspiration? Can we not agree that outlandish people with outlandish views infiltrate every segment of our society? A person need to look no further than this message board to recognize that.
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    I do not condemn all religious leaders. I do condemn those who this as an excuse to throw a guilt trip on everyone for the “sins of mankind.” That is unnecessary and also a stretch to believe that the leaders who do this have a special insight into Divine Intentions. That is what I met by my “hubris” characterization.
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    I know that. However the purpose of this post is to insinuate that all who seek divine inspiration are off their rocker. There is nothing of substance here. The post in and of itself is simply a wildly thrown pitch intended to make Godly persons hang their heads in shame.

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