Isreali children write massages on bombs

Discussion in 'Religion' started by Danr, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Danr

    Danr New Member


    Pretty sick when you consider that these bombs will likely kill innocent Muslim children.

  2. Midas

    Midas New Member

    Big F'in Deal. Israel is a full war against your islamic jihadist buddies. You see...the big differance is that if hellzbolah and hamas were to disarm and give up their weapons, there would be peace. If Israel were to give up their weapons, they would be slaughtered! You know it and every rational infidel knows it! Israel didn't start this new war, but I sure hope they finish it!

    BTW...writing messages on bombs is a tradition that goes back a long way. Woman who worked in factories making bombs for B-17's and other bombers put their "signature" on bombs and/or wished OUR troops well. During World War II, children (like my parents) collected scrap so this metal could refined to fabricate more weapons for OUR troops!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Israel has won the 1948, 1967 and 1973 wars against these islamic animals. In each war, they could have destoyed these invading countries like Syria. In each war, they just drove these animals out of their country.

    Maybe it is time to let Israel finish what Syria and Iran started.

    As for your picture of children signing shells destined for islamic targets. Remember, Israel can aim their shells at specific islamic jihadist targets...many who cowardly hide within woman and children. Muslim animals just point their rockets south (from Lebanon) and hope to kill anybody and everything with no concern as to where these weapons hit.

    But then again, I am talking to a person that supports islamic jihadists, so what can you expect?
  3. Krasnaya Vityaz

    Krasnaya Vityaz Разом нас багато

    I am sure the Hizbollah children doing same thing to kill Israelis.
  4. Midas

    Midas New Member

    It funny how our beloved village idiot jihadist can't exaplain or say anything about his fellow jihadists in training:


    See how cute they are? The next generation of islamic animals in Quran brain washing and training.

    Or he can't explain nor justify when his islamic jihadist buddies murdered hundreds of school children. Here is a screen shot of a muslim terrorist in Russia before he and others MURDERED 100's of Russian school children:


    BTW...your picture of the dead child is more than likely the result of a muslim road side bomb in Iraq. Where is your documentation?
  5. Krasnaya Vityaz

    Krasnaya Vityaz Разом нас багато

    My bigger concern is for the Israeli girls, surely their parents wouldn't want them handling such ordinance.
  6. quick dog

    quick dog New Member

    Jewish kids apparently write on bombs. Muslim kids are coersed to wear them.
  7. Krasnaya Vityaz

    Krasnaya Vityaz Разом нас багато

    They writes message of love, and they know english. I think there is jealousy. I would like to write message, like hope this bomb felt good sliding up your arse before it blew.
  8. Danr

    Danr New Member

    I do not supports islamic jihadists. Never have never will. People like you (extremeists) certainly do play into their hands and further their adgenda though.
  9. Danr

    Danr New Member

    What the h*ll are you talking about. There are many many children being killed by Israel right now (far more than the number of Israeli children killed). You are an idiot, and further you are ethically and morally deficient, you lack a very important part of what it is to be human.
  10. Midas

    Midas New Member

    In wars, past and present, woman and children that have been killed were victims of collateral damage and thus, casualtities of war. The big differance is that your mulsim brothers target EVERYBODY and ANYBODY! They don't care who they kill.

    The perfect case to support my argument was when islamic jihadists lead by Shamil Basayev committed the massacre at a Russian school. Remember...he took over a school in the southern Russian town of Beslan. More than 330 people, including 145 children were killed by him and his ISLAMIC terrorist buddiess. Basayev was known to have bragged about planning attacks that killed hundreds of civilians. Fortunately, Russian authorities caught up with this animal and he is now dead.


    You see...that is the differance between jihad supporters like you and those that want them destroyed like me. You see no issue with your fellow radical jihadists specifically targeting children and I support the infidel side that is targeting THEM. Israel is aiming at SPECIFIC targets and if your islamic buddies are hiding behind woman and children, then what do you expect?

    Remember...your friends at hellzbollah and hamas started this new war and Israel should finish it on their terms, not the islamic terrorist's terms.
  11. Danr

    Danr New Member

    They certainly are not my friends. The simple fact is that the type of thinking that you demonstrate HELPS these small very evil groups grow.
  12. Midas

    Midas New Member

    Come would rather side with hezbollah than Israel. You would rather side with jihadists instead of our troops...and BTW...these 'small very evil" groups are NOT SMALL! How long has your head been in the sand? These groups are HUGE. You make it sound like they are just a bunch of bandits who don't know any better. Get a clue why don't's a picture of your hezbollah buddies marching. Yeah, right....a small group!


    What happened? Did you bounce your head too many times on the floor as you bowed east?
  13. Danr

    Danr New Member

    Ironically it is your mind set that provides the small evil groups with their best tool to grow their membership. The brilliance of a guy like Clinton is that he refused to be their enemy, he gave them NO power to grow. This is a war for minds and guys like you refuse to admit that. It is foolish to the extreme to take up arms when you do not have to, and that is what is being done.
  14. OldDan

    OldDan New Member

    Yep, this is the same tactics that he used on the girls in his office. The only problem that came of it was that he was impeached! With friends like Danr and Bill Clinton you don't need enemies, that is for sure.:kewl:
  15. Danr

    Danr New Member

    Clinton's crime was sexual behaviour between to consenting adults (oh yea, that is not a crime).
    Reagan's crimes include introducing crack cocaine onto American streets, and giving MISSLES TO IRAN (seems a bit more serious).
    GW Bush's crimes include attempting to destroy Democracy, freedom and all we hold dear.

    I'll take Clinton any day.
  16. mamooney

    mamooney New Member

    Whatever the case, Israel if fighting without fear of the rest of the world and the press. They do not have a choice as they face annihillation from their friendly neighbors. Sometimes their precision guided bombs miss their mark and sometimes civilians don't heed the generous warning of future attacks in specific areas. The United States should follow suit in Iraq to fight the war to win.

    Civilians can and will be casualties of war, but if Hezbollah is snuffed out, it is well worth it.

    PS...Find me some bombs to write on before we drop them on Al Qaeda hidouts and I will sign my John Hancock.

  17. De Orc

    De Orc Well-Known Member

    Can I ask why is it that whenever we (The UK) or you (the USA) or Israil strike back we are condemned as Warmongers,Tyrants etc etc? Why is this??

    De Orc :thumb:
  18. Krasnaya Vityaz

    Krasnaya Vityaz Разом нас багато

    See above, I would like to add my message of love for them too.

  19. OldDan

    OldDan New Member

    No, but lieing about it to the grand jury WAS a crime! He didn't know the meaning of truth, like a bunch of you followers and promoters of good old Bill.
  20. jwevansv

    jwevansv All-knowing

    If a Dem. was in office, and IF a Dem. started this War on Terror it would be the right thing to do! Liberal Dem's are a pathetic bunch of appeasers and hypoctrits.

    I find solace in the American peoples vote. It is WE THE PEOPLE, who have a voice as to who will run this country, and the people have spoken. No matter how much the media say Bush is hated and disliked, they cannot dispute the facts that Bush has been re-elected despite the fake documents and false assertions as to his character that are brought against him on a daily basis.

    I am also finding comfort in the fact that Dems are losing more and more power each election bc they attack our country and think WE THE PEOPLE are ignorant. I am looking forward to mid-elections in November and waving good-riddance to more of these liberal TRAITORS! They just don't or won't see the threat that Fanatical Muslim Nations pose to our country.

    Danr can't argue with Midas' statement--- "Remember, Israel can aim their shells at specific islamic jihadist targets...many who cowardly hide within woman and children. Muslim animals just point their rockets south (from Lebanon) and hope to kill anybody and everything with no concern as to where these weapons hit." Hezbollah needs to be wiped out once and for all so as to never cause more pain and suffering.

    Danr writes---"Clinton's crime was sexual behaviour between to consenting adults (oh yea, that is not a crime)." See how liberals like to try to change the subject? His crime WASN'T his sexual behaviour, it was about him lying to a Grand Jury! Don't try to minimize his perjury to that of a sexual encounter. If you think the two are the same then you are the one who is morally corrupt!

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