Isreali children write massages on bombs

Discussion in 'Religion' started by Danr, Jul 18, 2006.

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    Sorry Danr but everytime I click on your name all I get is this avatar!
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    Ol'Silver sorry to tell ya but your avatar is a bit of a cliche.
  3. De Orc

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    Well today we have had demos calling for the end of the Isralie agression LOL but I did not see a single banner calling for the end of Hezbulli**** agression nor for the end of Hamyass agreassion nor for the end of any other Muslim agression I wonder why??? Any answer to this puzzle Danr :pencil:

    De Orc :kewl:
  4. Danr

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    the end of Hezbulli agression would not break my heart.
  5. Midas

    Midas New Member

    Oh you expect our village idiot to respond to something like this? Hellzbollah and Hamas have started this mess in the past and today's events are NO exception. The crossed into Israel. They kidnapped and killed a bunch of soldiers and then they proceeded to fire rockets indisciminately into Israel HOPING to kill as many Jews (woman and children included) as possible! There is no target...just point that rocket south and launch it!

    Israel did what any other civilized country would do. They go on the offensive against these jihadists and hammer them as much as possible.

    What does our village idiot do? He and his French buddies are upset at the "disportionate" amount of muslims that Israel has killed! He figures...well, hellzbollah only killed 10 or so Jews, so the Jews only have his permission to kill 10 of hellzbollah!

    What the village idiot can't understand that you win battles and wars by killing a DISPORTIONATE amount of the BAD GUYS like these muslim jihadists! You knock a DISPORTIONATE amount of their buildings than they do to you! That is how wars have been fought in the past and that is how they have been WON! Remember...Israel is dealing with an enemy that will NEVER surrender so they must be killed! Sure they may call for a truce, but all these jihadists are doing is buying time until they can fight again! If hellzboolah fights within their woman and children...well, that is their call and if they get caught up in the battle, TOUGH! Maybe some of those peaceful muslims will stand up for a change and take down these radical forces within their community so civilized countries like the U.S. and Israel will not have to do it for them.

    Think that will happen Mr Village Idiot?? You, my friend have no logic and facts to support your argument and hence, you lose these discussions by DISPORTIONATE results. Ask others within the forum, you will see!
  6. Danr

    Danr New Member

    Lets see if I understand what people are saying here, are you saying: The Lebanonese people deserve this punishment because they "allow" HZ to exist in their nation, or it is ok to kill Lebanonese people because they happen to be of the same religion as some bad people. Please clarify your position on why these Israeli attacks are acceptable.
  7. Scotto

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    And here I thought it was a picture of you Dan-o
  8. Midas

    Midas New Member

    You have to look at hellzbollah in the same light as Nazi's during Wrold War II.

    When the allies started making their push within German borders in the last year of the war (1945), it was very common for German civilians to claim that they had NO idea of German atrocities and what those plumes of smoke were over yonder. Eisenhower had enough of German civilian's ignorance and forced all able body German civilians from teenagers to senior citizens to help with the removal and burial of concentration victims. The Band of Brother's HBO series documents this very well and is a must see!

    Eisenhower's contention was that these so-called "innocent" German civilians needed an education of the war crimes committed by their fellow Nazis. He figured that the memory of both sight and smell would be so powerful that these "innocent" Germans would never forget. My great uncle liberated one of the these concentration camps and he showed me B&W photos when I was young of the carnage and WHY he fought in World War II. He looked off in the distance as he shared his experiences telling me that he will never forget what he saw and he will never forget that awful smell of death.

    Anyways, today's hellzbollah jihadists are no differant than yesterday's Nazis. Both are large, well-organized, whacked groups who claim to be political organizations. Guess what? We needed to destroy the Nazis back in World War II and I hope that Israel (for our sake) destroys and kills every member of hellzbollah.

    Now...did Nazis mingle with so-called innocent German civilians just like your local jihadists are mingling with woman and children? Absolutely! But since the German population did pretty much nothing to stop the formation and development of the Nazi party within their population, well...they were guilty in the world's eyes and hence we took the war to the entire population of Germany.

    This is no doubt. The majority of Lebonese people and their government quiety support hellzbollah. Since no action is coming from the Lebanese government to stop the jihadist activities of these radicals...well, if they get in the way of this war that hellzbollah in FACT started, let them be damned!

    I have no sympathy for any muslim that doesn't denounce and/or police their islamic jihadists operating within their population. If they just sit back and let these jihadists do as they please, without any control from their government, then these people deserve everthing Israel throws at them, even at DISPORTIONATE levels!

    After all, that is how wars are fought and how wars are won! Nazis and hellzbollah are pretty much the same in my book and both need to suffer the same consequences.
  9. CoinOKC

    CoinOKC T R U M P 2 0 2 4

    Let's put it this way, Danr: Suppose the U.S. fed, clothed, supplied, armed, coddled and gave shelter to Hezbollah right here in the good old US of A. All of a sudden Hezbollah attacks Mexico. Would Mexico have the right to attack the USA? You bet they would! Any country that harbors terrorists may as well consider themselves a terrorist state.

    You must realize that members of Hezbollah are the brothers, sons and fathers of Lebanese civilians. It's a little too late for Lebanon to cry "foul" at this point.
  10. Danr

    Danr New Member

    HZ are what, Iranianians (I mean by religion). That is different than Sunni (it does not mean much to us but it seems to be important to them.
  11. De Orc

    De Orc Well-Known Member

    Danr how often must Lebanon be taught that it is not a good idea to harbour terrorists? the last time that they did so it tore the country apart (Remember the PLO?) They allow there country to be used as a base for attacks on Israil both by Rockets and people yet cry foul whan Israil responds!! The same can be said for the Palistinians, Israil offers them the chance of peace and what do they do elect Hamas to run the country!! Just how blind to this are you? lets allso not forget during the Gulf conflict they were repetedly attacked yet sat back and took it so as not to esculate things. Do you think it is ok to attack Israil and not expect them to retaliate?

    De Orc
  12. OldDan

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    Let's be perfectly honest here. IF all they are killing are friends of Danr's, then I"m all for it. Pour it on them and then come over here and get their simpathizers. One can only dream, can't they?
  13. Bonedigger

    Bonedigger Another Wandering Celt

    I believe Yessir Arafat (PLO) was dead & buried before DANR entered college and started formulating opinions about the Middle-East. I just wish Isreal would go ahead and create the Lebanese State of Israel. Get it over with, once and for all.

  14. Danr

    Danr New Member

    Hey you guys may be right on this one, I mean you can not have people shotting missles into your cities. On the other hand this solution (the type of attack they are using) may be worse than the problem. This palys into HZB's hands big time. None of their people are being killed and it seems to be bringing the Lebanonese people in support of HZB to a greater degree.
  15. Midas

    Midas New Member

    Back in 1962, this country almost went to an all out nuclear war against the Soviet Union for missles that were being placed in Cuba. Now, keep in mind that the Cubans didn't fire a single missle and the Cubans didn't send special forces in to Florida to kill us capitalistic pigs! But still, Kennedy did the right thing and got the Russians to "blink" and fortunately, these missles were removed from Cuba. Bottom line...this country was VERY fortunate to avoid a world war!!

    Now that is NOT the case in Lebanon is it? Hellzbollah started this mess...AGAIN while the Lebanese governemt politely turned their back to the actions of these jihadists. The Lebonese goverments has allowed their "country men" to KILL Israel citizens (and soldiers) as they fire hundreds of missles at any target that will KILL ANYBODY!! It's pretty simple for hellzbollah terrorists...set up a rocket, point it south and ask allah for guidence so it kills ANYBODY!! After they fire, they hide in holes with woman and children. If a muslim woman gets killed when Israel fires back, all of the bleeding hearts are crying, "no fair...Israel's response is disportionate!"

    I am glad Israel has had enough of these jihadists and takes them and their supporters OUT for good!
  16. Old Silver

    Old Silver New Member

    Israel is being far too patient.
  17. Krasnaya Vityaz

    Krasnaya Vityaz Разом нас багато

    Actually Americans believe this is more one sided in event of Cuban Missile Crisis than it actually was. In reality USA placed nuclear tipped Jupiter missiles in Turkish Republic, within easy striking distance of many cities in USSR. USSR and Cuban Republic responded by placement of USSR missiles within the territory of Cuba to even score. J.F. Kennedy responded in manner which Politburo of USSR had not contingency plan for, that is blockade of Cuba. Basically this caught USSR government by surprise, and when Molotov and Gromyko negotiated with USA concerning lifting of blockade and removal of missiles, it was both in Turkish and Cuban territories. But this not known so much in USA, only Cuban part and not missiles of USA being removed from Turkish territory at same time. So by example both USSR and USA blinked and removed close by threats against one another.
  18. Krasnaya Vityaz

    Krasnaya Vityaz Разом нас багато

    [QUOTE='Ol Silver]Israel is being far too patient.[/QUOTE]

    It must be hard to be a leader in Israel, for no matter what you do, someone always have strong feelings to be trouble against you. By example Yitzhak Rabin was killed by jewish assassin because of belief that Rabin give to much for peace. Similarly hawks, the militarists have departed from militarist pursuits in favour of negotiations and concessions for peace, like Ariel Sharon and fallen of favour with supporters and barely held to power.

    I notice that Syrian and Iranian nations not eager to join fight, worries of losing air forces and billions of rubles worth of military equipt. At least they only fight with big mouths and not with weaponry.
  19. Danr

    Danr New Member

  20. Islamic-coins

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    Small Island can never ever drown the ocean around it,the nazi terrorist state of Israel is this small island and the muslim world is this big ocean, the jews have to go backto where they came from in Poland, Germany, Russia and other eastern european countries.

    Palestine is for the palestineans.


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