Isreali children write massages on bombs

Discussion in 'Religion' started by Danr, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Islamic-coins

    Islamic-coins New Member

    [QUOTE='Ol Silver]Israel is being far too patient.[/QUOTE]

    There is 10,000 ARAB POLITICAL PRISONERS in Israeli jails, it is US, the muslims , who have been too patinent regarding these prisoners, some of whome have been in israeli jails for more than 30 years without trail.
  2. jwevansv

    jwevansv All-knowing

    Now that is a moronic statement if I have ever heard one. You think the Jews from Jerusalem came from Poland, Germany and Russia? I think you need a history lesson.
  3. Islamic-coins

    Islamic-coins New Member

    It seems you need a history lesson, I am talking about the jewish settlers who came and colonized OUR land.

    there was no thing called Israel before 1948, there was something called PALESTINE with 92% of its populations are ARABS * muslims and christians *
  4. OldDan

    OldDan New Member

    It seems that your education is just a tad short also, as If you were to read a little closer you would find that it wasn't Arabs who lived in Palestine first. It's easy to only use part of the information, but your argument don' t hold water when complete information is used.
  5. Islamic-coins

    Islamic-coins New Member

    stay in your little hole where you live in the USA, leave the big issues for the big minds.
  6. jwevansv

    jwevansv All-knowing

    So, what are you going to do with the Jews from Jerusalem?
  7. Islamic-coins

    Islamic-coins New Member

    They can live there as they lived for hundreds of years, no problem.

    Palestine will be one day liberated, we are not the native americans, we will not be wiped out and our land will be returned to us one day.
  8. Midas

    Midas New Member

    He is exactly the type of islamic jihadists that need to be destroyed. Hey islamic coins, jihad this!

    You are nothing but a terrorist claiming islam is a peaceful religion when it has been documented time and time again it is NOT. Look at you and your fellow muslim's actions because when a muslim speaks, it is just pig's crap, nothing more!

    Pig's blood on YOU buddy!
  9. Aidan Work

    Aidan Work New Member

    Midas,leave him alone.Islamic-coins is NOT a supporter of terrorism,especially that committed by Hamas & Hezbollah.

  10. jwevansv

    jwevansv All-knowing

    You and me both know that ANY Jew living in Israel will be killed if we listen to your BS.
  11. Islamic-coins

    Islamic-coins New Member

    That is not true, just look at history how jews lived with us in harmoney and peace for hundreds of years.

    Just look at the jews living right now in Morocco, even Moroccos king has JEWISH advisor !!!
  12. Islamic-coins

    Islamic-coins New Member

    Dont worry about Midas, he is just a TERRORIST who support terrorism against innocent civilians, ignoring this scumbag is the best option.
  13. OldDan

    OldDan New Member

    You were reading your history book upside down, as this was the other way around! Get it streight Ahab!
  14. Bonedigger

    Bonedigger Another Wandering Celt

    Let me tell you 'bout Ahab The Arab
    The Sheik of the burning sand
    He had emeralds and rubies just dripping off 'a him
    And a ring on every finger of his hands

    He wore a big ol' turban wrapped around his head
    And a scimitar by his side
    And every evening about midnight
    He'd jump on his camel named Clyde...and ride


    Silently through the night to the sultan's tent where he would secretly meet up with Fatima of the Seven Veils, swingingest grade "A" number one U.S. choice dancer in the Sultan's whole harem, 'cause, heh, him and her had a thing going. You know, and they'd been carrying on for some time now behind the Sultan's back and you could hear him talk to his camel as he rode out across the dunes, his voice would cut through the still night desert air and he'd say (Laah ay yah yah allah) which is arabic for, "stop, Clyde!" and Clyde would say, (Sallam jubal ay yah yah yah). Which is camel for, "What the heck did he say anyway?"

    He brought that camel to a screeching halt
    At the rear of Fatima's tent jumped off Clyde,
    Snuck around the corner and into the tent he went
    There he saw Fatima laying on a Zebra skin rug
    Wearing rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
    And a bone in her nose ho, ho.

    There she was friends lying there in all her radiant beauty. Eating on a raisin, grape, apricot, pomegranate, bowl of chitterlings, two bananas, three Hershey bars, sipping on a "R C" Co-Cola listening to her transistor, watching the Grand Ole Opry on the tube reading the Mad magazine while she sung, "Does your chewing gum lose it's flavor?" and Ahab walked up to her and he said, (hmmmm nuttlehuck ay yah ay hmmm...) which is arabic for, "Let's twist again like we did last summer, baby." (laughter) You know what I mean! Whew! She looked up at him from off the rug, give him one of the sly looks, she said, (coy, girlish laugh) "Crazy baby".
    'Round and around and around and around...etc.

    And that's the story 'bout Ahab the Arab
    The Sheik of the Burnin' sand
    Ahab the Arab
    The swinging Sheik of the burnin' sand

    --Ray Stevens
  15. Islamic-coins

    Islamic-coins New Member

  16. Islamic-coins

    Islamic-coins New Member

    You write STRAIGHT with A after the R not E !! ignorant dumbo !! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    Shall I teach you english although it is not my first language ??? :kewl:
  17. CoinOKC

    CoinOKC T R U M P 2 0 2 4

    I have no love for the Palestinians, either. After I saw them dancing in the streets after the 9/11 attacks, I put them in the same category as other terrorists.
  18. Bonedigger

    Bonedigger Another Wandering Celt

    :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

  19. mamooney

    mamooney New Member

    Start a Poll

    Can someone start a poll on Cointalk with regard to who they support in this latest confict between Israel and Hizbollah controlled Lebanon? I'd like to see this poll on the site.

    Maybe this will shut up Islamic-Coins and Danr!!!!!!

    I know where my vote is. I support Israel and their complete irradication of Hizballah and other Terrorist Groups. Also, think about adding some current Israeli Bonds to your collection. These are a great addition and a good investment...especially in Israels time of need. Forward this link to your friends and family as well to support Israel today. Always support Israel by purchasing your Israeli coins from or direct from an Israeli dealer.

  20. OldDan

    OldDan New Member

    Over here Ahab that is called 'Pig Latin" and I used it because I wanted to speak in your language!

    It must have worked!

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