It Is Over - How Will History View Trump?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mopar Dude, Nov 7, 2020.

  1. Mopar Dude

    Mopar Dude Well-Known Member

    All the partisan hatefulness that has permeated the last four years aside, how will history view the Trump presidency?
  2. GeneWright

    GeneWright Well-Known Member

    Most likely, within the greater context of nationalism driven populist candidates and movements popping up all over, such as the whole brexit ordeal, Duterte, Modi, and others.
  3. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    As the biggest threat to American Democracy that this country has ever faced.
  4. clembo

    clembo Well-Known Member

    Sorry but it is impossible for me to hide my disdain for Trump.

    JoeNation is on to something though.

    I doubt he will be remembered as the man who gave most to the African American segment ever (with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln). He actually said this at a rally which is laughable. What's not is that a rabid bunch of his followers BELIEVED him.

    He also stated at a rally that if he lost to the likes of Joe Biden he might have to leave the country. PLEASE Donny. Make this a TRUE statement after the State of New York and those to whom you owe money get through with you.
    Only problem is - what country would have him? I've heard the slums of Rio de Janeiro are as nice as ever this time of year. Added bonus is their President is a moron too!

    Seriously I hope history never forgets that he catapulted a country with 4% of the world's population to the number one spot on Covid deaths.
    We can't forget his trusty sidekick Mike Pence was right there to help in this feat either.

    He should be remembered as the man who cared the LEAST about the American people.

    One good thing he actually did was to embolden the rampant hate mongering section of our population. Now they are easier to find.
    Take the geniuses in Michigan as an example. A plot to kidnap the Governor, try her for treason and punish her for same. Don't forget overthrowing the government as well.
    Excuse me you bunch of Rhodes Scholar candidates but isn't that treason? Hmmmm.

    Thanks to Trump the Proud Boys should feel comfortable patrolling the streets on the lookout for pedophiles as QAnon has been kind enough to alert them.

    I could go on and it looks as if I will so I guess I'm back here at least for a while.
    Not to worry though Mr. Nation. I'll endeavor to keep it subtle.;)
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  5. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    Subtlety has never been a necessary component of participation as far as I can tell. Welcome back Clembo.
  6. clembo

    clembo Well-Known Member

    Thankee kindly.
  7. CoinBlazer

    CoinBlazer de omnibus dubitandum

    I accept Trumps loss and accept Biden as our 46th President. I wish Trump would do the same.
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  8. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    Again, more wisdom here than we find in the general population.

    Things will calm down. We should all just move on and deal with the country moving forward not looking backwards.
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  9. Recusant

    Recusant Member

    It's good to see you here again, clembo. :cool:
  10. JohnHamilton

    JohnHamilton Well-Known Member

    It all depends upon who is writing the history.

    When I was young, Arthur Schlesinger poll of historians rated U.S. Grant and Warren G. Harding as "failures," the worst U.S. Presidents. Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan were rated "below average." It is interesting to note that Grant and Harding were Republicans and Piece and Buchanan were Democrats. Schlesinger was a Democrat who had a position in the Kennedy administration.

    Today Pierce and Buchanan are rated as the worst, as well they should be. Grant has been rehabilitated, despite the many scandals that racked his two terms as president. He gets high marks for putting down the KKK.

    Trump presided over a good economy, and he made important strides in the Middle East. He also pushed the Europeans to pay their fair share to NATO which was long overdue. He pushed hard to get a Covid vaccine out in record time and made many good decisions on how to handle the virus.

    His biggest faults were that he was too thin skinned. He should have ignored some things and let someone "do the dirty work " on some others." His press conferences during the pandemic were too long and rambling. He should have given a progress report, taken a few questions and left the scene. Instead he treated them like bull secessions and got into trouble.

    In a fair evaluation, Trump should go down as a higher end average president. He accomplished some good things, but his communication skills were lacking.
  11. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    As Trump and his cabal of sycophants twist and turn in the wind of the mounting storm they have brought upon themselves, history is watching and will rightfully judge this petulant child and his cronies for the incompetent, corrupt, criminals they have always been and always will be remembered as. The rot that is Trump spreads like a cancer across this administration and outward across the nation to encompass those ignorant bootlicking hillbillies bent on taking this nation down if they don't get their way.

    This situation calls for the highest level of condemnation and prosecution allowable under law. No pardons for the good of the country. No looking the other way because we don't jail our political adversaries. No sympathy for those that showed no sympathy towards anyone. No mercy period.

    This situation had better rectify itself in short order or things will get ugly fast. Trump needs to walk away and hope that the adults in charge don't focus on him exclusively. The longer this goes on, the more likely it is that Trump will find himself behind bars with his entire cadre of criminals and ass kissers.
  12. Mopar Dude

    Mopar Dude Well-Known Member

    Joe.... This die was cast when the man was elected. Sadly, I fear we have an entire generation now both left and right that throw unimaginable tantrums when they do not get their way.

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. It is time to "man up" as they say. The longer he drags this out, the worse the ramifications will be on his legacy. However, in hindsight if my memory serves (and that ain't saying much), I believe we gave Al Gore a month to satisfy his issues with the balloting process.
  13. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    You and I both know that Trump will not simply walk away. He will make a show of it at the very least. The best possible solution would be for the GOP to abandon him completely but they seem to be headed the other direction making this an even more dangerous situation. There is potential for this to get out of hand especially if Trump starts doing rallies around the country. He will throw a match on a powder keg and root on the destruction as it happens. This man is not going away quietly. He is a psychopath.
  14. Mopar Dude

    Mopar Dude Well-Known Member

  15. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    Yeah, rallies. He talked about continuing to hold political rallies after the election.

    Trump campaign plans rallies amid efforts to challenge election results
    BY MORGAN CHALFANT - 11/09/20 12:41 PM EST

    President Trump’s campaign intends to hold rallies amid efforts to challenge the election results that saw Joe Biden named president-elect last week.

    Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said the events would be “grassroots rallies” similar to boat parades through which supporters voiced backing for Trump during the campaign. He said that Trump would not host the events. Axios first reported on plans to hold campaign-style rallies.

    “These would be grassroots rallies, as we’ve already seen pop up in a variety of states since election day, organic shows of support like the tractor and boat parades have been all year,” Murtaugh said in a statement to The Hill. “There is no plan for the President to hold rallies.”

    Trump has refused to concede to Biden after the former vice president was projected by news organizations as the winner of the presidential race on Saturday.

    “The simple fact is this election is far from over. Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts, or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate victor,” Trump said in a prepared statement released by his campaign shortly after Biden was named the victor.

    The Trump campaign is challenging the election results in a handful of key states by participating in recounts and forecasting lawsuits over electoral fraud allegations that have not been substantiated.

    The Trump campaign has already said it would seek a recount in Wisconsin, where Biden won by roughly 20,000 votes. On Sunday evening, the campaign announced Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) as the leader of its recount team in Georgia, where officials expect to soon begin a recount of the extremely close race.

    Trump claimed without evidence that the election was being stolen from him last week and has raised allegations of widespread fraud. Some Republicans have criticized the president’s rhetoric and while they have said he maintains the right to challenge the results in court, several have doubted his claims of widespread fraud.
  16. Mopar Dude

    Mopar Dude Well-Known Member

    Oh, good lord.
  17. clembo

    clembo Well-Known Member

    Glad to see you still around as well Recusant.
  18. CoinBlazer

    CoinBlazer de omnibus dubitandum

    Mick Mulvaney is quoted saying that Donald is already considering a 2024 run

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