Joe Biden is actually John F. Kennedy Jr in a mask, say QAnon conspiracy theorists

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    the liberal media caused this. right guys?

    Joe Biden is really John F. Kennedy Jnr in a CGI mask and Donald Trump is a billion-year-old intergalactic being made of pure starlight who plans to introduce a cure for all disease in his second term.

    And on January 20, Trump will magically appear on TV screens around the world via “particle beam” to take over and announce a new world order.

    That’s according to far-right group QAnon, among some of its wildest conspiracy theories yet which have been escalating since the Capitol riot sealed the end of Donald Trump’s presidency.

    In keeping with QAnon theories about Trump waging war against the elites who are really paedophiles, the Q cult actually believes they are cannibals.

    Called “pedovores”, they preferentially eat children, and their leader is actor Tom Hanks.

    The cult believes actors, musicians, TV personalities and left wing politicians torture and eat children to enjoy a bloodborne stress chemical that keeps them looking young

    The Q cult, which is strongly linked to evangelical Christianity and uses Biblical-style rhetoric, also believes that Biden – who if he’s not JFK or JFK Jr, who “faked” his own death – is a lizard person.

    And that “the storm is coming” on his inauguration day, when he will be arrested and there will be worldwide take down of the “satanic pedovore cabal”.

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    Even more worrying theories are also circulating about Mr Biden supposedly being assassinated at his inauguration.

    He is the USA’s second only Catholic president, JFK being the first, he’ll be the 46th president and Kennedy was 46 years old when he was shot in Dallas in 1963, say the QAnon theorists.

    Other online QAnon followers, like self-appointed “MAGA lawyer” Brian Anderson have been flooding Twitter with their take on what will happen on January 20.

    Mr Anderson, who is an actual lawyer, says the Biden inauguration will be a mass arrest event, which everyone around the world can watch on a special broadcast orchestrated by Mr Trump.

    According to Anderson, whose Twitter handle is @magalawbrian, Mr Trump “will be at a secure location, delivering a worldwide address by way of Space Force’s Global Broadcast Satellite” (GBS).

    QAnon conspiracy theorists claim Joe Biden is really JFK Jr (above with Donald Trump in New York in 1996, three years before his death in a plane crash) in a mask. Picture: TwitterSource:Supplied

    Donald Trump supporter holding a QAnon flag at Mount Rushmore last July. Picture: Scott Olson/ Getty ImagesSource:AFP

    Hardcore QAnon cultist @Linwood posts on the right wing platform Parler about the paedophile conspiracy. Picture: TwitterSource:Supplied

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    “Going exactly as planned. Bidens, Clintons, Hanks, Bush, Pence, and more will be attending. All will be arrested!

    “Sources tell me Space Force will cut feed from inauguration and initiate GBS, allowing Trump to announce crimes against humanity committed by attendees to world.

    “Without cover story, swamp would flee after 1st arrest.

    “The 2nd inauguration of Donald Trump will be ran by Space Force through GBS and will be the greatest in our history!

    “Somehow bigger and better than 2016! They will all fall. #SpaceForceCard.”

    Other QAnon supporters say that GBS, which is in fact a system which broadcasts encoded information to military receivers, will use “particle beam technology” to beam Mr Trump around the world.

    Twitter user @cherrypeach619 tweeted this week would “enable direct contact with all TV screens for a worldwide address in which he will reveal the signing of multiple new executive orders”.

    Particle beam technology, which apparently is not a factor in GBS, also pops in the conspiracy theories about how a so-called international cabal rigged the vote against Trump.
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    No problem as long as it's organic.

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