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    Had a great few days away and going through the mail when we got back I found a handwritten envelope addressed to me from someone I didn’t know. Inside the envelope was a form letter expressing condolences on the recent death of a close relative of mine and telling me that if I wanted to understand what happened to us after death I need only turn to the God of the Christians.

    Enclosed was a helpful pamphlet explaining the whole life after death thing as understood by the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The letter had a live signature and a return PO Box. At this point I’m not quite sure what, if anything, I’m going to do with it. God I wish your followers would mind their own business and leave the rest of us alone.
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    They came here yesterday, second tme this year. The first time they insisted someone named "James" lived in my house. I said no one by that name here. They insisted he must have before. I explained I built the house. "Oh, must have been nearby". No one lived nearby when we built the house and we know the names of our neighbors who have built their homes since. He started taliking again and I told him to "Stop, I know you're BSing me, leave. Get off the property. Now." I didn't give the latest guy the time to lie to me, I just said "no thanks" and he left lol
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    I hate it when some hapless 10-year-old kid gets shoved up to the door with pamphlets in his or her hand while mom hovers in the background. But that's par for the course for these people.

    This letter really bothered me. I think it's totally wicked to use someone's bereavement, especially that of a total stranger, as an opening for proselytizing.
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    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    That is a new one to me. I'd guess it was a 'locals' idea and not something from the 'main office'.

    As for the 10-year-old kids thing, I have a similar story: We have a lot of Apostolic Lutherans in my area, they don't use any form of birth-control and 'pop-out' a kid every year. The kids are expected to do all types of chores, as you could expect when the father is working and the mother is home with her dozen kids. That's all fine, I can understand that, but what I saw this past Summer really angered me. There were two kids sitting in the hot sun in the middle of a parking lot selling home-made jams or jellys (whatever) for most of the day during the hottest days of the year. These kids couldn't have been more than 8 or 9. No hats, limited water... hell, if a cop saw a dog chained in the middle of the parking lot in the hot sun you can bet the owner would have gotten a ticket, or been arrested... That really annoyed me, though I guess it's only mildly religiously-related, but I had to vent lol

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