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    Game 6 between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics played out last night before a raucous Miami crowd . . . certainly an inhospitable environment for the Celtics, and it showed right down to the wire. As poorly as the leaders of the Heat shot last night, they remained within striking distance the entire evening, and finally took the lead with mere moments left to play.

    Down 1 point with just 3 seconds left on the game clock, Celtic Derek White inbounded the ball to Marcus Smart who quickly spun, aimed, shot and missed. The ball double bounced in the rim, popped back out and arced left. White had timed his arrival at the rim perfectly to tip the ball back into the rim for the Celtics' win with just 0.1 seconds on the clock.

    Heat coach Erik Spoelstra in his post game interview said of the final score, " . . . that's the only place it (the ball) could have bounced to hurt us", implying that Lady Luck played her heavy hand in the Celtic's favor.

    I disagree. Yes, I suppose one could say that, for Derek White, the ball had put itself in the right place at the right time . . . well-positioned and perfectly-timed. What seems overlooked by Miami and the rest of the watching world is that it was not only Derek White who had prepared for such an expulsion of the ball from the hoop, but Jason Tatum as well.

    Tatum had positioned himself on the opposite side of the rim in same fashion, and timely, as well. Coverage of the hoop for a last second tip was better than most acknowledge, and to imply otherwise is to deny that the outcome might still have been the same had the ball taken another direction.

    What Derek White and Jason Tatum did last night exemplifies what all desiring luck for themselves should do . . . be well-prepared to respond most favorably to circumstances when they arise.

    Too many in this world would prefer to shrug their shoulders with the ball dropping away from the basket as time expired, effortlessly watching their season end, and saying that a Game 7 between the Heat and the Celtics was not meant to be.

    Too many out there doubtless complain about how life deals them a bad hand, and do not exert their focus and energy toward making the best of their circumstances.

    Kudos to White, to Tatum and to the Celtics . . . job well done . . . now, on to Game 7.

    To those of you who, when your luck is less than the best, say "oh well" . . . I too say, Oh well.

    Stop looking to others to make your luck.
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    Yup Perfect practice makes perfect. The opportunity for Luck comes with sweat.

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