Minnesota's New Surge in Cases Connected to People Who Attended Trump Campaign Events

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    Despite what President Donald Trump and his allies may claim, the virus that's killed over 200 thousand Americans has yet to be contained across the country.

    Cases are currently spiking in the swing state of Minnesota where health officials connected at least two dozen cases to presidential campaign events by Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

    While only one case has been linked to a Biden event, 16 cases have been traced to Trump supporters who attended an outdoor rally for the President in mid September, along with three cases linked to a Duluth rally on September 30 and three more at a September 24 rally featuring Vice President Mike Pence.

    While the Biden campaign has largely heeded the advice of health care experts, Trump resumed his infamous rallies as early as June—a sparsely attended rally that health officials in Tulsa, Oklahoma said most likely contributed to a spike in cases seen shortly after.

    Both the Trump campaign and the Trump White House have continued to flout CDC guidelines warning against large gatherings and Trump's nomination ceremony for Judge Amy Coney Barrett is now considered a "super spreader" event, with over a dozen cases linked to it.

    Meanwhile, the Trump campaign has mocked Biden and his team for wearing masks and for keeping events intimate.

    People admonished the Trump administration's recklessness on the campaign trail.

    People weren't surprised that Trump's repeated dismissal of the threat posed by the virus is leading to more cases.

    Trump himself contracted the virus in early October, but claims to have tested negative after three days of treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center.

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    The new White House strategy is to do nothing from a policy point of view. Instead, they are opting for the herd immunity approach which is only advocated for by quacks. Herd immunity is literally their plan and super spreader events from now until the election will continue unabated with no regard for the thousands of unnecessary deaths they cause. If only we could confine the infections to the Trump cultists, I would happily cheer them on.
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    I thought he said it was herd mentality

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