Moscow attack?

Discussion in 'World Events' started by John Kamps, Apr 5, 2024.

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    Seems when someone is protesting/ Cops/ FSB thugs are right there to haul them off the street. Yet/ when a few arms ISIS-K guys went into that venue/ started shooting up the place/ no cops/ FSB showed up for over an hour? Finally after 143 deaths/ place totally burnt down/ they showed up.
    A day later Putin says its Ukraine that was behind the massacre? Even though ISIS claimed they did it. US even warned the Russians ahead of time. Story from FSB/ Putin well NATO/ Ukraine was too blame.
    I would not be surprised if it was carried out by the FSB under Putin's orders. Makes sense/ it would enrage Russians to want too enlist to fight in War. The Russian population are not the brightest/ they believe anything their propangandist tell them. Hopefully ISIS will do something special like blowing up the FSB headquarters in Moscow.
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    peeps died
  3. John Kamps

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    Be even better if ISIS-K disrupts Putin's May 9th event.
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