Mutually Assured Destruction

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mopar Dude, Sep 18, 2020.

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    I knew this term all too well as a youngster. Growing up in the 1960's we often saw the grainy black and white images of nuclear explosions. I spent my Army career as a nuclear missile crewman in the 1970's at the height of the cold war and showed those same grainy black and white film reels to new soldiers more times than I care to remember...... I don't often dream and am fortunate that I very infrequently have bad dreams. When I do, those bad dreams tend to include those grainy black and white images of nuclear explosions. Last night I had one of those dreams and woke in a panic knowing I could not protect my family from something that hellish. Even now mid-morning I can still feel it in the pit of my gut.

    We now live in a world not so dominated by mutually assured destruction. However in its place we now have rogue regimes striving to achieve nuclear armaments. And frankly, that is a deeper threat than MAD in my mind...... Now, I am an old guy that has had a very rewarding and rich life. I fear very little. I wouldn't for one second hesitate to put myself in harms way to save someone close to me. However, the thought of being powerless to protect my wife or daughter absolutely chills me to the core........ If Biden is successful in November, does that man have the backbone to keep Syria, North Korea and Iran's nuclear aspirations at bay?
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    It's okay. Let's break it down.

    Syria: not known to be manufacturing nuclear weapons, multiple investigations and raids since 2015 from multiple countries have turned up no evidence.

    North Korea: I'm skeptical they can do much to hurt the U.S. where it gets tricky is they could attack South Korea, pulling us into war. As for Biden/Trump, I wouldn't worry too much about Biden when Trump and Kim Jong-Un are sending each other "love letters"

    There's also been no new formal action out of the Trump administration to prohibit nuclear development. In fact, his normalization of relations with them has proved more harmful than anything. Japan reported in 2019 that NK had moved forward and achieved miniaturization of nuclear warheads after their summit with Trump.

    Iran: this one speaks for itself. Backing out of the Iran deal was a dangerous move. They were skirting the guidelines before, there's no denying that, but they were mostly staying to guidelines per international independent inspectors. Since leaving the Iran deal, they have been allowed to develop unchecked.

    The point is, don't worry about if Biden has the backbone, worry about if Trump has the ability to navigate the nuances of international politics (he doesn't, demonstrably). If nuclear armament of these nations is a big concern for your vote, the sensible vote is for Biden.
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