Nathaniel and Mathew Broussard, 33,39, Larose, LA, Anti-vaxx. Both died within 14 days of each other

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    According to this social media post below Nathaniel (left) and Mathew (right) have both died of COVID. Both Nathaniel and his brother Mathew (next post) were anti-vaxxers and then had to battle COVID to their deaths. Prayers didn't help.


    Were they Antivaxx. Yes, they were.

    First Nathaniels Posts:

    Might as well attack two sciences in one post:


    Ha ha.


    Conflating COVID with Illegal Aliens....


    Science of the lambs indeed...

    Now for Matthew's posts:

    Yes, Matthew, attacking Dr. Fauci is an attack on Science.


    Obviously doen't want help getting vaccinated:


    Seems aware that there is a Delta Variant;


    They seem to agree that Joe Rogan has the same credibility as Bill Gates for some reason:


    Like most of the entires on this site, their family and community prayed really hard for these two brothers. One of their genuinely sweet and deeply religious friends led a prayer online. This is heartbreaking. I wish these prayers worked for COVID, but it's vaccines we need. Please respect this woman, she genuine.


    RIP Nathaniel and Matthew
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    Happy little boy, aren't you?

    Wait until you get home. Daddy is going to spank you for making fun of somebody's death. You are going to bed without supper, young lady!!

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