New Book from former NY prosecuter of Trump is scaring crooked NY AJ

Discussion in 'Politics' started by What U ignore, Jan 19, 2023.

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    We all know (except the ignorant) how the corrupt FBI, social media, democrat Fake New Media, and NY prosecutors broke the law and went way over the line. It is starting to come out as the Congress and FBI whistle blowers have begun. Now the corrupt NY Justice Dept. is going to be exposed for that Witch Hunt in a new book: “People vs. Donald Trump.”

    I'm not stupid. You cannot be a success in NYC with out a little dirt. Some have A LOT OF DIRT! Trump and his empire is guilty of something! What's wrong with America is the fact that Lady Justice has lost her blindfold. Now, She is used more as a political tool of the left. Compare her treatment of democrats and Republicans. Lady Justice is frequently used by the democrats to bankrupt Republicans defending themselves from false accusations.

    The difference between the ignorant, brainwashed, useless members and others like me is I don't duck the truth. Ask me if Trump is a liar. Answer = YES, Yes, yes, and sometimes. Ask me if I am a liar and you'll get the same answer. Ask any worthless ignorant old fool on the street if Biden is a liar and they cannot or will not answer at all!

    honest person of good moral character would reply to that question with the three possible answers = YES, NO, I DON'T KNOW.

    Agree, disagree, or show your true character. I engage with ignorant fools (some could even be members here) solely for my pleasure. :D

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    The Wall Street Journal is in print media. I no longer read it. I wonder what the formerly great WSJ wrote about Russia-Gate. That will expose the true value of that rag. ;) I guess we'll need to see the book.
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    If the link will let a non-subscriber through - judge for yourself.

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