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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Cloaked, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Cloaked

    Cloaked New Member

    Welcome Greg. Pull up a chair and make yourself at home.
  2. Greenfield

    Greenfield New Member


    I am an eighteen year old male from Holland. The reason why I came to this site is to look for some intelligent people or intelligent conversations. I want to join the military but due to savings on the military I can not join. I am looking forward to meeting new people or learn new stuff because that is never a bad thing.

    And for those that are wondering: my real name is Melvin :)

  3. Cloaked

    Cloaked New Member

    Welcome to the site. You'll find some intelligent discussions here and you'll find some incredibly stupid one also.
  4. Nosey Parker

    Nosey Parker New Member

    Cloaked, you hit the bulls eye....

    In our world there are intelligent people as well there exist less intelligent ones....

    Nosey Parker
  5. Greenfield

    Greenfield New Member

    If it were all intelligent conversations they wouldn't be intelligent. They would be normal, so it is a good thing there is a difference in conversations I guess :) But thank you.
  6. Cloaked

    Cloaked New Member

    If everything was perfect then we wouldn't need this forum.
  7. Rose

    Rose New Member

    Hello everyone.

    Happy holidays! ;)
  8. Old Salt

    Old Salt Big Time BS

    Welcome, Rose.
  9. Cloaked

    Cloaked New Member

    Welcome Rose and Happy Holidays to you also.
  10. Rose

    Rose New Member


    Thank you so much.
  11. dadman

    dadman New Member

    dadman here . . . . looking fwd to discussing the issues of life
  12. Cloaked

    Cloaked New Member

    Welcome to the community.
  13. dadman

    dadman New Member

    thank you for the welcome . . . it might take me a little time to find my way around . . . let the discussions begin
  14. tinsockmoingay

    tinsockmoingay New Member


    Bắt đầu từ ngày 18/11 - 27/11/2016

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