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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Recusant, Jan 17, 2018.

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    . . . Trump having a sordid dalliance with a porn star, then paying her to keep her mouth shut. Elsewhere I see people (Republicans) decrying this as a media smear job that would be put down as politically motivated if directed at anybody else, and not relevant. I actually think this is pretty much correct. Who could possibly be surprised by this revelation? Very few people honestly think that Trump is a decent man, but Republicans cheer him on because he's a Republican president and many of them love his racism, bullying, willful ignorance and wrecking ball policies.
  2. IQless1

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    I personally don't consider it a "smear job" in most cases, though it is possible in some. Either way, all across the nation, and in many parts of the World, the "me too" movement has outed and forced the removal of powerful men who were accused of sexual misconduct, and many of them admit to that misconduct, or were at least forced to resign their posts due to the pressure of it.

    The revelations about trump are not new, and he has boasted of his "conquests" numerous times in his life, but what is new with this accusation is the timing of the supposed payment, the "hush money", and how it was supposedly done. There is no confirmation of it, in large part due to the nondisclosure agreement, but it's well within reason given trump's own admissions, puerile bragging, in the past. It's not impossible that an investigation into it could be conducted in Congress, but the Democrats would have to win control before such a thing could occur. I doubt it would lead to much, but if donation $$$ was used to pay her off, then some laws may have been broken, and that could amount to something. That said, at least one representative in Congress has been outed for doing just that, of using tax-money to pay "hush money". All that came out of it so far is that Speaker Ryan ordered him to refund the money.... a slap on the wrist.... oooo, ouch, that must have hurt.

    As for trump, his followers, roughly one third of the country, are only emboldened by the accusation, some of them deny it outright but others say "Who cares? It's just sex!" Either way such accusations only serves to endear his followers to him, to rally them even more. Like he said on the campaign trail, he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and not lose one voter. Indeed, after the comment was published, his poll numbers rose.
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    I've always said I don't care about people's personal lives from Clinton to Trump. This is by far not the worst thing Trump as ever done nor will it be in the future.

    Just another reason the Right-wingnut cowards ran away crying when Trump got elected. They knew what they voted for and didn't care. They are bigger idiots than Trump.
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    So I have been gone 9 months. You guys are still complaining about Trump?
    I went on an RV trip, no Internet, no wireless no nothing. Minimal for household bills and such. But a total cut the cord. Refreshing.
    To check in. Almost a year later and see this? WTF guys.......get a life!!!!
    Joe is still sniveling about Trump. Clueless, bless his heart is still the sites Fredo, geez , cmon already.
    On the road again tomorrow, Canadian Rockies........hope it is as good as I read.
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    Trump's kickin your asses man. Slap, get with the program.
    I'll check in in 6 months
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    Speaking of psychotic...
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    One of the cowards returns. How special.
  8. JoeNation

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    Only an idiot could defend this crime-ridden Administration. You're just the idiot for the job.
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    Popping in! Totally gone when I tried to log in here! But here you are! Die hards!
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    Does ALL the lying and corruption ever bother you? If not, why not?
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