Old, Contemptuous Merrick Garland

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CoinOKC, Jun 12, 2024.

  1. CoinOKC

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    So, today AG Merrick Garland was deemed in contempt of Congress. He needs to be impeached immediately.

    I'm so happy this -edited- was denied a seat on the Supreme Court. After all this -edited- has put the country through these past four years, can you imagine the damage this locust would have done with a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court? ::shudder::
  2. toughcoins

    toughcoins Rarely is the liberal viewpoint tainted by realism

    The Supreme Court was intended only to apply the law, as written by others . . . not make it.

    Bench-Legislating-Radicals are the very last thing we need in that body.
  3. CoinOKC

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    Precisely. Unfortunately, Garland is a bench-legislating-radical. They are more akin to Nazis than freedom-loving Americans. In fact, I wouldn't consider them Americans at all.

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