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Discussion in 'Chatter' started by ImWithStupid, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. ImWithStupid

    ImWithStupid New Member

    and worthy of respect for showing they value the effort of their employees...

    Ill. family thanks employees with surprise bonuses - Yahoo! News
  2. Ali

    Ali Eschew obfuscation

    I give all my employees a Christmas bonus every year, even though my business is only open during the spring and summer. It's not a $33,000 check, but they seem happy with what they get.
  3. mercury

    mercury Big Time BS'er

    all I ever got was a Turkey.
  4. eddo

    eddo I don't like you.

    My branch usually gives out $25-$50 grocery cards for the holidays.

    Then I can go buy a turkey...
  5. mercury

    mercury Big Time BS'er

    I lied a little...

    One place gave us a Turkey for Thanksgiving and a Honeybaked Ham for Christmas. He also threw us one hell of a party; we got to get out of our grungies and had an open bar.

    Another place gave out gift books... and a Honeybaked Ham.

    And once I got $100 cash.
  6. ImWithStupid

    ImWithStupid New Member

    That is one hell of a party if you were taking off your underwear. :D
  7. mercury

    mercury Big Time BS'er

    grungies refers to greasy grimey work clothes... I worked in an auto dealer service department ;)
  8. Bender

    Bender New Member

    Now that's what ya call true trickle down economics.

    This year, my wife got a $15 gift certificate for a Christmas Turkey/Ham.....

    WHOOOPEEEEEEE :rolleyes:
  9. RoyalOrleans

    RoyalOrleans I Am Not the Fine Man You Take Me For

    In the coming years, I hope to be able to provide my employees with bonuses. We're in the early stages of growth and money is a little tight. We're just lucky to have jobs, because so many are going under around us.

    We had a company Thanksgiving at my house Wednesday evening. I deep fryed a turkey and the guys brought over whatever they wished to contribute.

    These bonuses, however, will come at sporadic and/or particularly bountiful times. If bonus time come in the late Fall or early Winter, then the timing was just right.

    Fukk this giving automatically because it's "that time of the year". If anyone was any good at all, they'd give when they could and what they could afford year around.

    Ohh... and they will be based on merit. I'm not running a pre-K program down here.
  10. Ali

    Ali Eschew obfuscation

    Good for you.

    And I don't give equal bonuses across the board either because you know what...some of them work a hell of a lot more hours and damn harder while they're there. They are the ones who find a hunskie in their Christmas envelope.

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