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Discussion in 'Religion' started by Moen1305, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. craigG

    craigG New Member

    I hope your ex-wife doesn't represent a large bit of the Christians in this country, because she ain't following the Bible apparently. Also, I don't want prayer mandated in government schools either. I just don't want it to be banned. Whatever happened to religious freedom?

    The Muslim threat has been around for thousands of years, and its unbelievable that some people think it's a peaceful religion. More people have died because of the asinine Allah followers than from other religions(and the Catholic church is not Christian, so don't bring up the Crusades). Ask any Jew "Who was worse, Hitler or Mohammed?". The latter name will be rendered with a string of curses and expletives, I'll wager. Another interesting fact is that the Grand Mufti was collaborating with Hitler on his "Final Solution" and created a division of Muslims that slaughtered thousands of Jews living in the Middle East at the time.
  2. Moen1305

    Moen1305 Not Republican!

    Ah Craigy, what would we do without your nuggets of wisdom and wit? Answer: The same thing we did before them, ignore you!
  3. Moen1305

    Moen1305 Not Republican!

    It is banned in public schools by the the constitution, although there are those that feel it isn't. What ever happened to freedom from religion?
  4. Moen1305

    Moen1305 Not Republican!

    That kind of dramatic change is scary. I've seen born-agains do some pretty creepy stuff in the name of their religion but the one constant was the level of judgemental behavior they all exibit. Yuck! :puke:
  5. Midas

    Midas New Member

    No sense of humor either when I asked why the first baptism didn't take...
  6. De Orc

    De Orc Well-Known Member

    Any Religion based state apparatus is scary 2 names spring to mind the Taliban & Inquisition, does any one here believe for one moment that if we had a 'Christian' Theocracy it would not be too long before we were disposing of those who failed to convert? I certainly dont. Be it Muslim/Hindu/Jewish/Catholic/Protestant or any othere religion keep them seperate from the State.
    Craig slightly wrong about the Muslim Divisions they were based in the former Yugoslavia and not the middle east and spent most of therer time killing Serbs. They were part of Himlers 'Racialy pure SS' LOL what the Grand Mufti of Jeresalem instigated were some of the bloodiest rioting in Palastine in the 30's, this is I am sure what you were meaning :smile when things got to hot for him there he fled to stay with his mate Hitler.

    De Orc :kewl:
  7. KLJ

    KLJ Really Smart Guy

    You might want to take a few minutes to get your head out of Das Kapital to actually read that Constitution. The First Amendment says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; of abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Nowhere is public school prayer banned. Actually banning it is a violation of the "free exercise" clause. And the Courts have regularly agreed with me. What you're doing is a common mistake of the only mildly educated. Misinterpreting Thomas Jefferson's letter to a Baptist minister in Connecticut (that's where the phrase "seperation of church and state" came from).

    And by the way, I don't practice, as you accused me earlier, McTheology. I've spent the better part of the last decade studying theology, and have a Master's Degree in Divinity to prove it.
  8. Danr

    Danr New Member

    I was the wisecracker with the Mctheology comment. Have you read that Newman essay that I recommended?
  9. Cloudsweeper99

    Cloudsweeper99 New Member

    Going from memory, I believe the second act passed by the very first Congress was a funding bill for certain religious schools. I presume those guys understood the meaning and original intent of the Constitution, since they were contemporaries and participants in the process of developing it. Yet, they apparently had no problem with federal funding of schools that required prayer. They were intelligent practical people, something we are short of today. It is quite a leap to get from opening the day at elementary school by saying, "God, help us in our studies today" to the Taliban. Maybe the schools should ban powerpoint presentations that utilize "bullet points" because it incites murder. I think this is a case where local custom can safely exist without requiring a national social policy edict imposed by the federal government on the entire population. If one school district wants a prayer, and another doesn't, who cares.
  10. Moen1305

    Moen1305 Not Republican!

    I think I already included your opinion in the part where I wrote, "although there are those that feel it isn't". I disagree and say it is banned from publicly supported schools as it should be. We have had, as you refer to it, separation of church and state, for generations and both state and federal courts have come down time after time in support of this opinion. People with thinly veiled agendas and enormous biases such as yourself have tried to argue unsuccessfully that there is no separation and have thus far failed. Now that the Supreme Court is leaning more conservatively, you and your zealous cohorts are dredging up old arguments in hopes of pushing your beliefs off on the rest of us. I guess that my mild education has left me with an inability to see things from your perspective. I think that I can live with that inadequacy.
    Although it may be a slippery slope, I agree with Midas that a moment of silence would not be intolerable and people should have the freedom to pray to God or even Satan if they wish during that moment. We have plenty of private schools that are free to indoctrinate generations of sheep as they wish. I know because I spent most of my childhood in one. Baaaaaaa! Some would say that it didn't take.

    You must be referring to someone else. I never said anything about McTheology...Your Grace.
  11. dgoose50

    dgoose50 New Member

    A bit of logic;Religion was invented by people;some people are evil:there fore, some religions are evil.GOD is good and people are flawed.Unfortunately this monster of the people's creation has been used to justify all types of mean and nasty atrocities throughout time and aleays will.We must separate people from GOD who is perfect.To single out one religion for persecution demeans all of us,but we must be hypervigilant of the evil plans of others and take precautions to protect ourselves from them!!!! This does nor mean forcing our ideas down the throats of other peoples who are not equiped to accept them[ as in IRAQ].
  12. Moen1305

    Moen1305 Not Republican!

    That brings up an interesting point Goose. If religion was invented by people, does that mean God was also invented by people?
  13. craigG

    craigG New Member

    Show me where in the constitution it bans prayer in public schools... oh right, you can't. You have never posted any documented facts, unlike Midas. All you ever do is render your rather pathetic opinions over and over.

    And yes, what ever happened to freedom from religion? Have you heard about the towns where the Muslims broadcast their hate speech over loudspeakers at 3a.m from their mosques, waking EVERYONE ELSE IN THE TOWN up?

    And yet we can't even have a lousy stone with the ten commandments on it in a court room! What happened to the land of the free, huh? Sodomites are free to have their perverted parades in the streets, but when some Christians protested it, off to jail with them for hate speech.

    What say you to this, Moen?

  14. Danr

    Danr New Member

    Again I say lets start with the Hail Mary prayer
  15. KLJ

    KLJ Really Smart Guy

    Please explain to me how I have a bias any less enormous than yours, or have a thinly veiled agenda (it's not veiled at all - see my signature line).
    How are you and your cohorts any less zealous than me and mine?

    You can mock me all you want with comments like "your grace," but the fact is, if you'll pardon the pun, we're different sides of the same coin.
  16. craigG

    craigG New Member

    What's Soli Deo Gloria! mean?
  17. KLJ

    KLJ Really Smart Guy

    And if he said "OK, we'll start there," then what would you say?

    And I don't want to hear that he, or anybody else, wouldn't want to start there. You can never comment on that with certainty beyond a reasonable doubt. You can, however, comment on what you would do. So I ask you, what would you say if he said "OK, we'll start with the 'Hail Mary.'"
  18. KLJ

    KLJ Really Smart Guy

    It's a Latin phrase from the Protestant Reformation meaning "To God alone be the glory!"
  19. craigG

    craigG New Member

  20. Moen1305

    Moen1305 Not Republican!

    Your bias is religion. Of course you're going to argue for all things with a religious slant. I didn't say that your bias was any less or any more than anyone else's bias. I said that "People... such as yourself", in other words people that feel as you do have tried to argue unsuccessfully that their is no seperation of church and state (your terminology).

    My opinion on this is that the people that want our government to climb in bed with religion are either short-sighted idiots or something much scarier. What religion would you have the government endorse anyway? Yours? Mine? Islamists? Rastas? American Indians? Atheists? Satan worshippers? A new religion someone makes up tomorrow? What about those people that want nothing to do with religion? Do you guys even consider questions like these or is it all over your heads?

    Well, for one thing, your zealots are trying to push their religious belief system of on the rest of us, while my zealots don't care what you believe in just as long as you leave us out of it. That's a pretty big difference in my book.

    If we were actually different sides of the same coin, I'd be actively working to have your religion outlawed. I think I'm a whole different currency. Little less deer-in-headlights look.

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