Poll for conservatives: how committed are you?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by GeneWright, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. GeneWright

    GeneWright Active Member

    Does Trump, in your opinion, deserve to run for 8+ more years?

    He's been talking about this for a while and it's becoming both more serious and if it ever was a joke, less funny. So how deep are you all in this?
  2. FryDaddyJr

    FryDaddyJr Well-Known Member

    Herd Mentality?? HAHAHAHAHAHA

    TRUMP: And it's probably going to go away now a lot faster because of the vaccines.

    It would go away without the vaccine, George, but it's going to go away a lot faster with it.

    STEPHANOPOULOS: It would go away without the vaccine?

    TRUMP: Sure, over a period of time. Sure, with time it goes away.

    STEPHANOPOULOS: And many deaths.

    TRUMP: And you'll develop — you'll develop herd — like a herd mentality. It's going to be — it's going to be herd-developed, and that's going to happen. That will all happen.
    To be clear, aside from the LOLs, Trump is trying really hard to say he supports letting the virus just waft away because of herd immunity, which experts say could kill as many as three million Americans.
  3. JohnHamilton

    JohnHamilton Well-Known Member

    First, Trump can serve only one more term because of 22nd amendment. It will not be repealed.

    Second, herd immunity it the ultimate solution to our current problem. That’s the way the 1918 pandemic ended after far more world-wide deaths, as many as 55 million, than this time around. The vaccine will help, but natural immunity is the answer.

    The one big kicker in this is what sort of virus is this. There is a Chinese scientist here who says that the Chinese Communist Government created it and spread it. This story is just coming out, and it is yet to be confirmed, but it needs to be investigated.

    If that’s true, will this disease be harder to beat? It’s a question that is yet to be answered.
  4. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    Herd immunity is bonkers idiocy. Pushed by Fox and this insane administration. In 1918, 679,000 Americans died in the pandemic. Trump is proposing we let over 6 million people die this time around. No wonder you have lunatics like @JohnHamilton pushing the same nonsense. Just let 6 million people die is their solution.
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  5. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    Scientists Believe Congressional Republicans Have Developed Herd Mentality

    WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Researchers at the University of Minnesota believe that Republican members of Congress have obtained “extremely high” levels of herd mentality, a new study shows.

    According to the study, the researchers found that, in obtaining herd mentality, the G.O.P. lawmakers have developed “near-total immunity” to damning books, news reports, and audio tapes.

    Herd mentality was observed in congressional Republicans from every region of the country, with the exception of one senator from Utah, Mitt Romney, who was deemed an outlier and therefore statistically insignificant.

    Davis Logsdon, the scientist who supervised the study, said that Republicans were exhibiting herd mentality to a degree never before observed in humans.

    “Herd mentality at these levels historically has appeared only in other mammal species, like lemmings,” the researcher said.

    Short article, no more at link: [​IMG] https://www.newyorker.com/humor/bor...nal-republicans-have-developed-herd-mentality
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  6. FryDaddyJr

    FryDaddyJr Well-Known Member

    if you're Lil Johnny Hams you just stay home and let the others die

    Who can forget when Dan Patrick said, "There are more important things than living."

    .so true, such depth, so profound. Yet the Lt Governor of Texas was pilloried by the libs for speaking truth to virus.[​IMG]


  7. Mopar Dude

    Mopar Dude Well-Known Member

    I'll forego all the pettiness and respond to the question. I'll phrase it like this. I want my football coach to act like a coach. I want my school principals to act like school principals. I expect my president to act presidential. Trump does not behave and respond in a manner that I consider presidential. No, I am not committed to the man. I am, however committed to the platform.... Perhaps when I am able to retire I can afford to put trees and animals ahead of people. But as long as I have eight peoples families depending on me to keep this business afloat, I will vote Republican. I have heard moderately conservative ideas espoused by Biden. I am not convinced in my mind he has the backbone to carry them out.
  8. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    Again, what platform? Could you point it out since you are so committed to it? I'd love to read this thing you are so committed to. Thanks.
  9. Mopar Dude

    Mopar Dude Well-Known Member

    Alright... I opened myself up to be cannon fodder so I suppose that I should follow through..... I cannot sit here and tout platforms. I work too much to be as politically educated as I would like to be so in fact it could be said that I spoke out of my arse. But I have held reign over my little business under four administrations and here's what I have experienced.
    • Bill Clinton understood that the economy was important to the everyday guy on the street and was a pro-business president. I started under his watch.
    • George Bush was a pro business president.
    • During Obama's watch I was encumbered with more red tape than I could have ever imagined previously. His presidency did more to stifle our little company than I could have ever previously imagined.
    • Trump was successful in removing some of that red tape, yet I am still stifled by leftover Obama policy.
    I can only imagine that Biden would be similar to Obama with regards to oversight. And in reality, all that oversight means is that I have to devote too much of my time to compliance and too little to company health and growth.
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  10. GeneWright

    GeneWright Active Member

    PLEASE stick to this viewpoint. No matter how "unfairly" he says he was treated.
  11. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    That's a fairly honest assessment and one reason that I like having you in this forum. Most others here, and myself included I'm sure, would pivot away from their own statements, ignore the question, or spit vitriol at the other poster and this is how you differ from most of us. Thanks.

    Businesses always want to have as little oversight as possible. It is only natural. Go to the neighborhoods these business owners live in and try to build a sewage treat facility or sink an oil well and you find that these same business owners are all for regulations. The "not in my neighborhood phenomenon" in other words. You don't really care if the guy running a port-a-potty business down the street from your business has to abide by regulations if it means that he isn't dumping waste water into the sewer system that runs past your business I'm guessing. Regulations prevent abuse of the environment, workers, customers, and a host of other taxpayers that could be potentially affected by unscrupulous fly-by-night operations. Regulations are essential to keeping cities, neighborhoods, and the community safe from people that would destroy everything homeowners have built in quest of the almighty dollar.

    On the other hand, regulations have been used to hurt or benefit one business over another by unscrupulous politicians. They have also had unintended consequences for some businesses that nobody foresaw. Simply eliminating regulations because one business was a huge political donor happens too often. That is where the rubber meets the road in the GOP. These are straight up payoffs with a wink and a nod that benefit the big guys over the little guys and almost always over the average citizen's interests.

    So, while regulations is the battle cry, it is dangerous to simply want less regulations without considering the costs of removing regulations. Some regulations definitely need removing through irrelevance or just a business environment that no longer poses societal concerns such as horse and buggy businesses. But ridding regulations because some business was wealthy enough to pay a congressmen enough to do so, is pure folly.
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  12. GeneWright

    GeneWright Active Member

    I see what you're saying, but there has to be a line in the sand beyond business.

    I've said it before, but the Nazi regime saw incredible economic prosperity. Would you have supported them? It definitely would have been in your business interests to do so.

    Is politically weaponizing the DOJ and using it as a personal law firm not too far?

    Is downplaying covid for political gain not too far?

    Are the reports of forced hysterectomies on immigrants coming out now not too far? That's by definition a type genocide, by the way.

    When exactly will enough be enough?
  13. Mopar Dude

    Mopar Dude Well-Known Member

    Is this for real?
  14. GeneWright

    GeneWright Active Member

    There's reports from multiple nurses and immigrants and it's currently being investigated. Chad Wolf (DHS acting director) was supposed to testify to Congress today about it but he defied his subpoena and chose not to show.
  15. JohnHamilton

    JohnHamilton Well-Known Member

    The truth is you can't act "presidential" or like "a gentleman" with Democrats like Nancy Pelois and Chuck Schumer. They are street fighters, and the only way to deal them is the kick them. Romney tired the gentleman's approach and look where it got him.

    You have me totally confused. You make a statement "Does Trump deserve to run for 8+ years?" That says to me you think he will pull an FDR and run for a third term. Obviously he can't so I gave you a reasonable answer.
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  16. JohnHamilton

    JohnHamilton Well-Known Member

    I am not aware that any Nazis are in the current government, and they are nowhere close to even fielding a candidate in a local election, let alone a national one. You make a mute point.

    Yes. Nixon kind of did it with the IRS in the late '60s and early '70s. He harassed his political enemies, or in his paranoid mind, people thought were enemies with phony audits and tax charges.

    You party has done it throughout Trump's term. You can belly ache to me until the cows come home. When you are planning impeachment before a president even takes the Oath of Office, misuses the FISA Court and has Adam “Joe McCarthy” Schiff making up charges in a closed room, you have gone too far.

    All of you fancy words make you question totally confusing, but I'll cut to the chase. If you jump the line and come to this country illegally, you should be deported.
  17. GeneWright

    GeneWright Active Member

    Allow me to interpret. Reports are coming out that your tax dollars are funding the forced removal of immigrants' reproductive organs.
  18. JohnHamilton

    JohnHamilton Well-Known Member

    I have heard nothing about that. Until I hear or read something from a reliable source, I will not comment.

    The left can write anything and put it in print. When it comes from “anonymous sources” I won’t give it any credence at all. If you going to attack the President of the United States, and try to remove him from office, at some point you have to have the courage to identify yourself. If you don’t, then what you have to say does not amount to a damn.

    Witness the crap in The Atlantic magazine. It’s owned by a Biden supporter. It’s as credible as Mother Jones, The Nation, The New Republic and the biggest liar of them all, Rolling Stone. I used to subscribe The New Republic.
  19. GeneWright

    GeneWright Active Member

    Sources aren't anonymous on this, it started as a report by a nurse working at these facilities, Dawn Wooten.
  20. JohnHamilton

    JohnHamilton Well-Known Member

    And who is "Dawn Wooten," a Biden campaign worker?

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